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2 Sexy sister's want to make you feel worthless

6 days ago by Lauren Stone
in Findom paypig slave cashcows
· Calgary · Canada
If you want 2 of us sexy sister's insulting you or doing anything else that you may want than let's make it happen. Mutualy beneficial virtual online arrangements... Skype, text, chat, whatever you want. 5878570068
Xox Lauren and Allison
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Where is the piggies??
Is there only women on here?? in Denver
Gothic Greedy Queen
you need to be at my feet where you pathetic pigs belong! Worship, Pay, Obey this Gothic Queen! want to serve me? show me why i should let you! only your wallets make me happy!! I deserve all your hard earned cash because perfection must be served. Serving me is addictive, you won't be able to stop trying desperately to please me, but pleasing me is impossible. No amount of cash is ever enough for this Greedy Gothic Goddess. There is no going back once you fall into my trap, you will never want to escape the beautiful pain and the agonizing lust. I provide you with true purpose and the chance to give in to your calling as a financial slave like a good little puppet, you will provide for me the luxury and comfort i am accustomed to! in None Your Business
All paypigs and slaves!!!
I have a few rules since you are so dumb, you can't comprehend 1.you must have money and tribute at least $100 first, don't message me until you tribute 2. Send proof of tribute and pm me 3. Get something off my amazon wishlist, I will provide link to worthy slaves. 4. Do not KIK me if you do not tribute first. Do not ask for any pictures and do not ask me to Skype. 5. You do as I say when I say it KIK: mistress Valencia PayPal or giftrocket: mistressvalenciatribute@gmail.com in
Meet us
Cash point meets in and around the Ipswich area all this week. For more information message us on kik - hollze in
U inadequate needle dicks!
All you unworthy scumbags wishing you had a hot young sexy dominant queen to worship??!? Msg on kik tonya_6963 follow on twitter @goddess6963 those are your first orders!! if you cant be obedient than do not waste my valuable time...tributes expected!! in
My ass worshipping slave
Thank you my ass worshiping slave for my Amazon gift card. We'll see if I allow playtime next time. in San Antonio
Godess !
Godess from sweden , Looking for loyal slaves ! Total findom control in
Scandinavian princess seeking subs,slaves,pets,pigs to drain
Findom brat princess seeking subs,slaves,pigs,pets, to drain. Beautifull 22 years old Swedish snowbunny findom here to rape your wallet. I want online slaves that severs me and get sexuall stimulation to give me money to dominate you. I also do cashmeets here in Växjö, sweden at the moment but also traveling. I also meet up to drop your order from me, like used panties,socks,shooes, used condoms and other things you pathetic loosers have order from princess. Minimum for cash point meets or drop buy with ur order is $200 and maybe u be lucky if I spit in ur face or kick ur pathetic little penis or MAYBE if u have been a good slave u will have the honor for kissing my feet. You are useless and wortless as a man. Obey, suffer and suck cock for princess. You pay for the honor of me to allowing you to worship me. I'm talking English and swedish Check out my Twitter for more info www.twitter.com/goddessemiliaaa in
Don't fucking message me unless it's "sent" or "where do I send tribute?" in
Be ready to rinse
You will drain everything you worked hard for becasue you and me both know deep down you are unworthy, and that i deserve all of it. Follow me on twitter to learn more @goddess6963 kik sessions tonight loosers dont be late tonya_6963 bring tribute or dont msg me in
Bow down to your Mistress, let me abuse you because you deserve it.
Do not approach me if you can't meet my simple expectations. 1.) You've got one chance to get my attention. Therefore, choose your words very wisely. Obviously a tribute might give you more of a chance of grabbing my attention. 2.) I am very independent, so don't expect me to show you the time of day. I'll respond when it's convenient for me. 3.) Do not waste my time. If you aren't going to tribute or if you are unsure of what you are looking for, leave now. Who am I? I am Mistress Nala, you are lucky to have even stumbled upon me, so thank your lucky stars. Self-sufficient, I love taking control of weaker men. There is no greater pleasure beyond watching a man hand his money over. I am the women who will haunt your dreams. I will completely dominate you and leave you sick for more. I will make you feel smaller than you've ever felt before. You will be begging to give me all you have. Approach with caution. Tributes accepted in the form of bitcoin to xmistressnalax@outlook.com. Be sure to clarify who you are, here's your shot to catch my attention. Mistress Nala in
2 Sexy sister's want to make you feel worthless
If you want 2 of us sexy sister's insulting you or doing anything else that you may want than let's make it happen. Mutualy beneficial virtual online arrangements... Skype, text, chat, whatever you want. 5878570068 Xox Lauren and Allison in Calgary
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