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Blonde Student Needs Help

1 week ago by Jintlee
in paypig findom
Student · Indianapolis · United States
I'm looking for someone who wants to be my finsub and help with my financial situation immediately. If you're interested in being mine message me! XO
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Listen up piggys..get in touch I wana speak to you pathetic little worms..
Get in touch you disgusting little rats..it's about time you got down on your knees like the dogs you are..don't even look at me or ill be sick allover you..the one thing your supposed to be good at and you can't even do that properly you pathetic piece of shit...do your fucking job and pay me now and I MAY consider letting you lick my dirty high heels..chances are i won't though 💅🖤 in Bradford
Blonde Student Needs Help ASAP
Looking for a man who is worthy of my time and energy that can help immediately with my financial situation. Message me with your info if you're interested in being mine! in Indianapolis
Domme looking
Findomme looking for paypigs! Serious only reply. Kik: EpicPandaaBoss for info in
Femdom thick blonde rude godess ready to rule your wallet
Taking in new slaves in
No need to over do it.
Paypiggies needed send me your filthy hard earned money😈
In search of a loyal paypig to drain their pockets. 🐷❤️😈😈😈 Cashapp: $Kiachan0222 https://www.paypal.me/KiaChan0222 in
The best decision of your life
You have been wandering aimlessly, searching for the woman you will give access to your wallet to, as you are undeserving of any form of currency. Lucky for you, the search is over. I am your domme, and to me you will willingly grant all of your finances. Message me to be granted such a privilege. in
Very demanding, Spoiled, greedy Bitch
I am Very demanding, Spoiled, greedy Bitch.I have always gotten what I wanted at your expense! The happier you make me the more Princess time you will get! you are already a worthless, twisted freak who shouldn't be let out in public.If only your family knew what a screwed up waste of space you are. in
Hey there, I need a piggy to serve spoil and obey me..I don't show or send anything anything for free. Message me if interested. in Lynnwood
Need a serious paypiggy
Don't waste my time Kik me bossybaby4u or follow my Twitter @bossybaby88 in Denver
If you're looking to serve a beautiful goddess far more deserving of your money than you are, you've come to the right place. I am accepting applications in the form of tributes, and a message detailing just how pathetic you are, and how you would please me. I am ONLY accepting messages after tributes have been made. If you think you'll ever be able to please a woman outside of giving the truly well deserving your hard earned cash, you are wrong. If you think I'd give you the time of day without a tribute first? You are wrong. Do you get the gist? You are here to serve your superiors. I am here to take your money, and laugh at your pindick. Fuck you, pay me. Do it here. CirclePay: @goddessv@mail.com Cash.me/$VAoTL When you've done that, feel free to try and catch my attention by sending me a message here: https://www.hepays.com/Dicerox09 in
Pathetic piggies needed**
So who’s gonna make me happy and put money into PayPal account today? in
Your addiction awaits.
You're only happy when you're making me happy. Why deny yourself that?? Give your pathetic life meaning and serve your goddess. Findom goddess accepting paypigs. Kik) Bastetia in
Sexy Domanite princess
Daddy need a princess to spoil. Daddy want the little princess who does as daddy wants when daddy gives his princess everything she wants. Do you want to give your hard earned money to a Goddess who deserves it? Step into Princess Star's sexy financial control. You will keep begging and coming back for more. I am like a drug that you can't stop. I am addictive, just message me you'll see how addicting I really am. in Washington
come meet dahlia<3
i'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet. let me control your cum load, as you imagine all the things i will make you do to me. i cant wait to see you on your knees. in
Naughty Pics For Naughty Price
Let's exchange pics...but u get to pay for them. How lucky are u!! Kik me Lizzzless in
Isn't that what you desire
A temptation submitting to me to see what I am going to do to you? Don't you want to experience right now, what it means to be defenseless in front of your Queen? Stop wastin your time with dreams and fantasies! You have found what you are looking for! in Atlanta
Domme looking for paypig
I'm looking for a paypig but I would like to build a relationship/friendship with you. To trust each other before anything in Florida
Legal High School DOM kik mistresstaytay15
Looking for pay pigs, human atms and any pathetic mutt to give me his cash. I need some slaves for certain roles, coffee slave, manicure slave, weedslave and shopping slaves! I'm cute but dangerous as fuck, I own you, so let's not get smart. in
Are you ready?
Getting comfy and ready to be entertained. Who's up? www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite for instructions on how to proceed with Me. #findom #paypig in
Tribute Thursday
Almost home & ready to relax. Who shall be My entertainment? Get your #tribute in now. https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite #findom #TributeThursday in
20! Beautiful feet just like everything else. And no I’m not opening my legs and no you get nothing for free. in
Put up or shut up
Time to put up or shut up. No more bullshit. Be what you were meant to be...on your knees in front of Me. mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite #findom in
Let Cash King Drain You
I don’t care what anyone says draining men is fucking HOT. Making a man weak enough to be willing to hand over everything is true power. in Los Angles
First time Findom
I’m a brand new dom looking for a paypig to practice on, for a small fee of course. Kik is andidoll99 in
3 hour drive home. That gives you #losers 3 hours to get your #tributes in. Highest one gets to #humiliate themselves on #Skype. #findom in
A baby in need of a Pig
I need a pig willing and ready to serve me! in
Come here my little pay pig
Goddess looking for her pay pig are you the good piggy I’m looking for 😘 let’s chat? in
Come spoil me
New finsubs/paypigs come serve me and empty your wallets to me so I can waste it. 😝 kik,- TheFunnCouple .. Paypal.me/LLightskin197 or cashapp $msnell1 . NO FAKES OR TIME WASTERS . in
Boys to step on
Hi, I'm Yuna <3 I love bullying and stepping all over boys, I love telling good little slaves what to do and boss them around all day. I also love taking their wallets, and buying cute clothes for myself. Interested~? Email me: y.little@yahoo.com in
Pay Piggies for Little Yuna <3
Hi, I'm Yuna <3 Looking to be a pay piggy for your sweet girl next door? Want to be dominated by a cute, sexy girl who looks too innocent to be this alluring? I'm such a good mommy for my little piggies and slaves! Email me @ y.little@yahoo.com ~ in
Misstress Looking for finsubs/slaves
Hi im an experienced findomme looking for new finsubs and slaves for total power exchange. in London
Let LilyVixxen control you
You're not ready for me. Try anyway, see if you worship a superior Goddess because that's your only job. in Florida
Blonde Student Needs Help
I'm looking for someone who wants to be my finsub and help with my financial situation immediately. If you're interested in being mine message me! XO in Indianapolis

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