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Come out to worship me you piggies

5 days ago by Aira
students · · United States
this queen needs some new lingerie .. so get down on your knees and send me some $$ paypigs https://paypal.me/bellaira
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Come out to worship me you piggies
this queen needs some new lingerie .. so get down on your knees and send me some $$ paypigs https://paypal.me/bellaira in
Vacation time soon
I need some spending money. Who's gonna spoil me and give me what I need for my upcoming vacation. Message me on kik, damagedpear Better yet, just send the money first and then we can talk. paypal.me/damagedbyte cashapp.me/$damagedpear venmo.com/damagedpear in
Be my little paypig bitch
PayPal Myqueenie1202@gmail.com I want all you little dumb asses to empty your wallets and let me know I'm your queen... then I want a email telling me how it made u feel. I probably won't even read it.. if your not ready do t even bother I want everything you got piggy... in
A paypigs dream come true
Make my wallet fat and I will make your dreams come true in
Mistress Alex Findom
Im looking for a full time submissive. Online only in Manchester
Domme looking for fresh meat to drain and dominate
Are you a sad, lonely and pathetic loser needing purpose to your little life? Do you want to hand over control? being told what to do and when to do it? Then you best in touch with me, i will drain you in more ways than one, give meaning to your little life and make you feel things you didnt think were possible. I AM NOT OFFERING SERVICES FOR FREE SO DONT EVEN ASK! in Cumbria
I don’t do drugs. I AM DRUGS. Be careful what you wish for. -If you want to be used, you will be used up. -If you want to be humiliated, my words will haunt you for years to come. -If you want Sissy Training, prepare yourself to literally become my bitch. -If you want to be my slave, I will own you and all of your thoughts If you want to be considered to one of my Pay Piggies, Human ATMs, etc., tell me if you are looking for a contract or "wallet rape on demand" what you think your budget is (LOL), etc. Of course, don't expect me to even read your message if you haven't sent a tribute first. If you love to be Dominate by Mistress you can add me on KIK: Sexy.Goddess96 or Skype me : live:laralea1989 in
Seeking a good payslave
I need a good little piggy to drain their wallet. If you’re just going to be pathetic and back out of it don’t bother texting me. I’d love to see how obedient you are and the look on your face when I humiliate you. How precious. Xoxo. in Aspen
.::You Filthy Pig, Try and Bide my time::.
~I know you ache for that one profound essence that shakes you to your core and makes you feel more infinitesimal than a quark. What a waste away you are, the thought of you, it, disgusts me, as I gag pondering the pathetic breath you ingest on this planet. Why are you even here? Why should I even waste my sacred and precious time with such scum? Perhaps, the only reason is because You Ache for me to own you, my slave and personal Pay Pig. You ache for nothing more than an intellectual Mind fuck and the feeling of complete worthlessness. You get off knowing- Climax to the thought of me draining your Trust fund, your hard earned Cash and worshiping me on your personal credit line because it comforts you in some sick fucked up way. You would be lucky if I chose you, you sick fuck. Shower this Dakini with financial abundance, and maybe I will give you the time of day, if you are truly as worthless and a waste away as I deem fit first. Venmo @ Karalyn-Perez in San Francisco
Looking for my pay pig. Hit me up if you think you can satisfy me.
I’m a domme that has recently switched to findom. I’m looking for a special pay pig who will hand over control of their wallet for my pleasure. in
I'm MissDomina, Moneymistress
I'm MissDomina, a virtual Moneymistress looking for new paypigs who crave for serve, obey and spoil me. If you're searching for a dominant, sensual and exigent Moneymistress try to catch my attention by tribute me on Paypal: blackscarlettxxx@gmail.com and after write me at the same email. I accept ONLY serious and real paypigs. NO WASTING TIME ALLOWED. You only desire must be drained by me. in
I will be your goddess. you can serve and reverently. you will stand at my feet and buy me what your goddess needs. I Will give pleasure. You will give submission. I am waiting for you. in London
New Dom Queen
Hey pathetic paypigs I'm new here and new a brand new piggie to let me drain their wallet. DM me with a tribute, those without a tribute better be worth my time. in
ILL drain your wallet, SWINE!
Prove you are worthy of my attention and send a tribute to my paypal! Im sick of waiting around for you disgusting pigs. I expect for your money to be in my account now. in
Domme pleasure
A lot of dommes are strictly here for the money. I’m here for the pleasure I feel when I make a man so weak that he drops to his knees & obeys my every command! in
I like them PHILTHY PIGS only! You dirty little pig, shame on you! Don't look at me look at the ground! Your time is no longer yours, it's Mine! And so is your cash that you been dying to give me. in Torrance
Wanna chat ?
Bored & want someone to speak to. Wanna fix that ? Kik me: babygirlpeachy02 in
You don’t deserve your money, I do.
Come here little piggies and come spoil the queen in Las Vegas
merciless findom goddess looking for her first piggy
make yourself worth something for once and message me or kik me @ gweniverexoxo if you’re a legit paypig. i need money every day in order to feed my shopping habit. in
I am looking for some new paypigs to let me drain their wallets. I want you to cum to the thought of sending me your money. in
Paypiggy wanted
I’m a beautiful goddess looking for a paypig that will obey my every need and pay for everything I require x in
let's play piggies(twitter)
looking for a beta for online fun. maybe blackmail, or a rinsing game. I want to show you, you're nothing more than a walking wallet. in
Gorgeous domme
I'm a 22 year old domme, I want your money to buy myself new makeup and clothes. You may even get to take a glance at my tight body if you can afford it. Message me for further contact information, and keep your wallet open. in
Filthy dirty piggies wanted
Stop messing around and let’s do this already. I earned that money through you so give me my portion! I need my cell phone paid. Venmo autumn-johnson9 in
Here piggy pig pif
Come serve me let me drain you while you fill me with you green come on piggy let me show you who is the queen in
Serve Your Queen; Keep Her Secure
I am ready and willing to drain all of you pigs of your money. You have not been honoring your Queen properly, and now I demand you to be drained. You WILL seek pleasure in me draining you. The good piggies may even be rewarded. Message me for more. Serious inquiries only. Bow down to the new Queen. in
LadyAdelaine seeks a pay pig
Mistress seeks a pay pig to pay all my expenses, I do not care whether or not you needs are met, give me your (my) money to me. Findom seeks slave. Kik me aeishajay97 in Atlanta
looking for a slave
looking for a paypig to worship me email me cjaylee69@outlook.com in
I’m a 21 year old Korean domme with a successful high-paying career. I’m looking for a worthless pay pig to supplement my lifestyle. Let me show you what your money can buy. Kik: YOUNEEDRACHEL. Don’t fucking message me if you’re not serious. in
I want you to buy me new makeup. You may just earn a glance at my tight body if you can afford it. in
Paypigs wanted let me show you how mean I am
I’m looking for dirty little paypigs that want me to drain their bank accounts any losers wanting to give me their money and be my pay pig send me a request with a donation that gets my attention! in Pittsburg
Looking for someone (male or female) who’s willing to by my little piggy. Message me for more information and we’ll see where that takes you. in Williston
Paypig looking for green hair goddess
Looking for a walking wallet to satisfy my Financial Needs. in
Want to be another helpless bug entangled in my desirable web? Willing to please me by any means necessary? Bow down and worship your Goddess! Twitter: @djsmithxxx in
Seeking Pigs to degrade and drain their wallet.
Looking for serious paypigs only. Send a 5$ tribute to my venmo: jrogs My kik is @jessrog36 I WILL NOT RESPOND UNTIL TRIBUTE IS RECIEVED. in
Spoiled brat NEEDS pay pig
I’m looking for a pay pig ASAP!! I just moved out of state all by myself and am putting myself through college. I need that extra $$$. Be my pay pig and I promise to spoil you just as much as you spoil me. Whether you like humiliation, sexy pictures and videos, fetishes, or something more low key, I can absolutely help, for the small price of your money of course 😋 in Miami
Wanted: paypig to be my slave
Looking for a piggy to empty his pockets and worship me.. Don’t make me wait too long in
where is my obedient paypiggy at
message me on instagram @kenzie_asylum or kik @littlemissprincesss3 in
Pay here! Pig!
Pay it perfectly and we’ll go from there. Here piggy, piggy. Venmo me @trixiepink11 in St. Louis
Looking for a Paypig or humanATM to dominate! Come play with me
I deserve to be spoiled. Come pay my bills you little bitch! If you're going to be a pussy and waste my time, don't even bother. I have real men to deal with. Otherwise, come be my little bitch and I will make your waste of a life worth living! in
Looking for a Paypig or humanATM
I deserve to be spoiled. Come pay my bills you little bitch! in
I want to spend all your money
Paypal: jojo144@outlook.com kik: luckycoin144 in
Let me drain you
I am ready to take out some aggression, who wants to step to the plate and be my first little piggy? I can be very hot or very cold, tell me what you want and show me how fat you're going to make my bank account. in
Need some bills paid you pathetic Pigs
Cash app $JNicoleCollection I need my bills paid and looking for some pathetic pigs wallets to drain send me money and then Kik me for photos @CarmelaNicoleBaby in
My Pig
I need a filthy pig to fulfill my needs and do as I say when I say I’m ready to empty your wallets hit me up if your ready in
Mama needs a boob job
Fund my boobs make me unique for a lot of fun 😉😘 in
Pay me piggy and i'll send pics of this nice chocolate ass ;) KIK: @bigbootyninii
School is about to start and my tuition needs to be payed so does my phone bill. Kik me @bigbootyninii in
Worship Goddess Willow's Sex Toy Empire LIKE A GOOD LITTLE PAYPIG!!!!!!!
I am building an EMPIRE, a LEGACY, and YOU are gonna help me like a GOOD LITTLE PAYPIG! I have a sex toy shop for all PAYPIGS to come and WOR$HIP!!! Raping your wallet will get me what I want to build up my business, and you WANT to give me what I want, don't you SLAVE?! TRIBUTES EXPECTED & ACCEPTED AT: Venmo: venmo.com/DeliriumLove PayPal: paypal.me/deliriumtoys in San Jose
Lucky for you Piggy- this Goddess has an opening for a worshipper!
Goddess seeking worship! I will let you relish in my online presence by sending money and gifts. If you are a worthy servant for the right price I will provide personal photos. For even more money/gifts I will mail WORTHY servants items- panties, bras, socks/hosiery, notes, etc. My wish is your command! I am on Kik as YourGoddessRed Send me money on Cash App: PayGoddessRed Amazon wishlist: http://a.co/1B9vX1b in Baltimore
Come here piggy
Come on help me to drain you while u serve my needs and boy am I in need in

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