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Daith piercing for migraine relief

1 year ago by Amber Baker
in Health
Model · Yuma · United States
-ONE OF YOUR ALL-STAR TEAM- http://www.missyomodel.com/Amber-Baker
I am getting this piercing done next month after many months of research :) I am suffer of chronic migraines and all the looking and info I have found has made my mind up....

Who else had heard of this?
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Daniel Eder @DanielEder hepays.com owner, duno.com owner and i massage women and do spiritual sessions with people 1 year ago
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if i were in new york i would ask an acupuncture expert in chinatown if thats a good idea :-)
what did you find out in your research?
check out the best dating website http://www.hepays.com or book a massage http://www.eroticyonimassage.com also check out my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXTsoJ36ul67pXbVzqSClA
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Amber Baker @Amber82 Model 1 year ago
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I have found if you get both sides done it does help alot many friends have had it done
-ONE OF YOUR ALL-STAR TEAM- http://www.missyomodel.com/Amber-Baker
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Daith piercing for migraine relief
I am getting this piercing done next month after many months of research :) I am suffer of chronic migraines and all the looking and info I have found has made my mind up.... Who else had heard of this? in Yuma
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WEDI pushes for a cultural change to fix healthcare industry's cybersecurity vulnerabilities
Citing the growing number of cybersecurity attacks directed toward the healthcare industry, a national health IT organization called for a culture change to cybersecurity defense and urged providers to look beyond basic standards. Despite widespread adoption of health information technology among providers, many are still vulnerable to preventable attacks due to insufficient cybersecurity processes and poor encryption measures, according to a report released by the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI). The report is based on a series of roundtable discussions with industry leaders who said attacks will intensify as “health data becomes more liquid” in the cloud and across a wide array of providers and business partners. The healthcare industry experienced a record-setting year of cyberattacks in 2016, leading some to criticize the industry for its inability to appropriately assess risks. Last week, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) called for the healthcare industry to utilize artificial intelligence to combat ransomware threats. http://www.fiercehealthcare.com/privacy-security/wedi-pushes-for-a-cultural-change-to-healthcare-s-approach-to-cybersecurity in New York
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ICIT Analysis: How to Crush the Health Sector’s Ransomware Pandemic
The health sector is the most vulnerable, most targeted, and resoundingly least equipped to defend against hackers who are pummeling healthcare organizations with ransomware attacks. This ransomware epidemic will only become more severe and costly as the infection volume in 2017 will trump infections in 2016. In this post, entitled “How to Crush the Health Sector’s Ransomware Pandemic: The Machine Learning Based Artificial Intelligence Revolution Starts Now!”, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology discusses the power of machine based artificial intelligence as a potent cybersecurity defense layer to defend against hyper-evolving APTs and malware. Specifically, the paper http://icitech.org/icit-analysis-how-to-crush-the-health-sectors-ransomware-pandemic/ in New York
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