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2 years ago by Zinia
in Social Network
Singer · · India
How to promote your page on Facebook without spending money?
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Daniel Eder @DanielEder hepays.com owner, duno.com owner and i massage women and do spiritual sessions with people 2 years ago
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good question.
i create various pages which have keywords that i am trying to promote.
then you can direct all those people to the main page you want to promote.

also creating groups and trying to make viral posts. the problem is how to combine virally interesting posts with commercial posts if you have commercial interest. its an art form a little bit.
some very successful pages concentrate only on the virality of posts. making funny or really crazy videos which will be shared.
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Zinia @zinia365 Singer 2 years ago
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Thanks Daniel
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How to promote your page on Facebook without spending money? in
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