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Findom Looking For Paypiggys To Humiliate

My name is Lily Rayne. But you can call me Mistress or Goddess.
I'm a 24 year old financial dominatrix looking for new paypiggys and slaves.
Want to be humiliated and/or treated like the scum you are?
Do you want to hand over all of your
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seductive findom suzy
where are my fucking cash shits in Skegness
Know Your Place
I'm not here for your fucking pleasure. You're here for mine. So suck it up, buttercup. You're beta, and only an alpha male has the privilege of physically touching the goods. You, as someone inferior, can only DREAM of touching this perfection. You're a walking wallet to me. Message me for an application and serve under my feet. in
Looking for paypigs or human ATMs
Looking for a beautiful goddess to spoil? Look no further. I'm here to drain your bank account and show you how much of a miserable swine you really are. I'm down for anything so message me and we'll discuss further. No time wasters! in Somerset
Seeking RT service
I am not seeking prospects for RT service. http://shoutout.wix.com/so/fLbWkbBB in
Open your wallets and worship your goddess ☺️
I am opening my doors to pigs and pets who can worship the ground I walk on and serve my every need ☺️ Message me for my kik username 😈 in
Pay me...
Seriously.. If you request bank info.. Move on. Im through paypal.. Pay me using my PayPal.Me link: https://paypal.me/lexi76. If you dont have the funds then you can have any fun. Im very demanding and i know what i want. If you really want my attention.. Gift me.. in Crawfordville
I'm happy with my secret slave buying me a truck
Now piggies pay for my gas to visit in Jones County
No luck here.
I haven't had any luck on this site with any real pay pigs. Prove me wrong? Kik - unicornlove1994 in
Spoil me :)
Looking for a pay piggies or my personal atm... Make me happy and in return maybe i can make you happy. in Crawfordville
looking for a very loyal piggie
looking for that loyal piggie to give me their money support me and all my very many needs! only very serious piggies needed and wanted and asap! strictly innocent! ❤️️ in
On the road still. What a day. Time for some shopping therapy. Get those tributes in...Ms Laura needs a new pair of boots! in
Put up or shut up
Do you like My boots loser? They’re pretty hot, aren’t they? Especially on My long, sexy, shapely legs. I know you want to be down on your knees worshiping My boots. Licking them, cleaning the soles with your tongue, sucking My heel…. Lick them clean loser. It’s all that losers like you are good for. My boot licking bitches. That and your wallet. Without money I don’t give a fuck about you or how much you want to please Me. You crave the satisfaction of know you were contributing to My lifestyle. So just stop being a little bitch and put your money where your mouth is...right into My account. http://mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite in
Looking for a few things actually. I am currently searching for paypigs and human ATMs. (No drama please)
If you are going to ask for a bank. Kindly don't respond. I am looking for local cash drops and tributes via online. Any cash in general. I also accept random tributes. in Jones County
Crawl To Me...........
Well piggy it's time to come and crawl to me, with your wallet open. Hand me all your cash, while you grovel at my feet. Do it now you loser pig!!!!!!!! Call me NOW piggy, and tell me what a loser pig you are...... 1-855-759-4477 Extension: # 2721 in Hudson, Florida
New Subs Wanted
This gorgeous Goddess loves the attention of worthy finsubs. Only your $$$$$ will get my attention........ in
little piggies
Kik: Jazzybaybee6 Only add me if you're serious about it. in Leola
Queen Christina seeks true pigs
Twitter.com/xmschristinax Email xmschristinax@gmail.com No tribute, no answer. in
how i was connected by judith
The opportunity you have been waiting for is here beside you. Am Kamarul Ariffin by name i just want to tell you guys my success story after i have been duped by so called many agents. I have been looking for a sugar mummy and my friend looking for sugar daddy for the past 7 months without getting it But Agent Judith surprise me by hooking me up with one sugar mummy in Kl. Now am chilling out with her she is so lovely and caring giving me anything i wish from her. If you have been passing through fake agents just as i experience in the past you can contact agent Judith via (whatsaapp +601151251504) for the sake of young,future searching folks out there like me, i will continue to post this message no matter the time it will cost me in doing this.Majority in our country (Malaysia) have fail to realize that the evil they do will surely reverse upon them no matter how long it takes.When you visit the internet these days, you will be confused. you won’t even know whom to do business with online in malaysia anymore. Almost all sugar mummy agent are scam but the only one that was able to deliver by introducing me and some of my friends to Rich sugar mummies is Agent Judith And because am no selfish type i have decided to provide his number: you can contact the agent through whatsaapp +601151251504 i just felt that its better i make people aware of whom to trust and do business with since majority in our country (Malaysia) no longer have conscience for their fellow brothers anymore just because of greed and money. I believe the reason people go in search for sugar mummy and daddies is because they don’t have enough money yet this still hearted people still rub them of their hard earned money,and i pray that the LAW OF KARMA would catch up with them Please my friends out there,i wouldn’t want you to fall victim to any acclaim agent like i did before i finally got this god-sent breakthrough through Agent Judith. If you fall a victim after reading this message, just call yourself a fool.This is the only sugar mummy agent i trust because he has delivered and i recommend him for you_ Agent Judith whatsaapp +601151251504 in
Hey Piggy, Let's Talk....
Well piggy it's time to come and crawl to me, with your wallet open. Hand me all your cash, while you grovel at my feet. Do it now you loser pig!!!!!!!! Call me NOW piggy, and tell me what a loser pig you are...... 1-855-759-4477 Extension: # 2721 in Hudson, Florida
looking for paypigs
sexy and sadistic domme goddess looking for paypigs; i specialize in sph, ignoring, humiliation, and, of course, findom. i also offer slave tasks for the right price. dm on twitter (goddessalex5) w proof of tribute, and maybe we'll talk xx in
☥I know you want my attention, but what are you willing to do to get it, you pathetic Fucking losers? ☥Tribute to start☥ ☥If it's in the single digits you can kiss this perfect Goddesses ass goodbye! ☥Mistress Ava is not amused by you broke fucking Fags! ☥If no tribute, start off by buying me something expensive off my wishlist, or sending a $50-$100 GC. ☥CirclePay- AvaSnow216@GodivaModels.com ☥Amazon GC- AvaSnow216@GodivaModels.com ☥Amazon Wishlist- https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2LDIRVYY9XXOX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_hSNbybNQ2DQCT ☥Twitter- Twitter.com/AvaSnow216 ☥Instagram- AvaSnow216 ☥Kik after you've paid me bitch- AvaSnow216 DON'T waste my god damn time. in Glendale
BBW Miss looking for piece of shit piggies.
I'm a beautiful 20-year-old english mistress looking for potential pay slaves to make me happy. You can contact me telling why I should pick you and what worth you have for me. Serious applications should be given with a minimum £20 tribute (paypal or amazon giftcard). Tributes get my attention first. You can message me through kik (GoddessLela) OR email (goddesslela@hotmail.com) I'm looking forward to reading your pathetic messages. See you soon pets. in
Financial Domination
Financial Domination isn't about the cash, it doesn't make us FinDommes whores, and it's not misleading naive men. Some FinDommes do sexual stuff for their subs in return for payments, gift cards etc. I don't. These men spoil Me and worship Me because they want to. They contact Me, not the other way around. I'll charm you, seduce you, tease you, and make you adore Me, but that's as far as it goes. For Me, I get a rush out of it. The control. The worship. The obedience. All of it. I love giving orders and setting tasks to these blissfully submissive men (and women!) and watching them scurry around trying to please Me. There's NOTHING like it. Knowing that the way I look and how I talk to them has them begging to buy me gifts and spend money on Me is a phenomena feeling! That said... My webpage details exactly how to go about doing that. http://mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite Ms Laura in
Lunch Time Public Task
Who enjoys a little lunch time public humiliation? Raise those snouts, paypigs! Let's see just how daring and twisted you truly are, you little freaks. I've got a wonderfully sickening task for you! Message Me for directions and fees. in
Human ATM and Paypig
There are part-time and full-time positions available to serve me. Act now and you will get all exclusives. NO FAKES JUST REAL PEOPLE WANTED. in Port Saint Lucie
Slave application 💙 fill it out and follow instructions, pig, and be ready to serve
**Applications submitted without tribute will be ignored**. Prove to Me that you are worthy of being My little money slave- your first tribute tells Me a lot about you and your sincerity in wanting to be **My** slave. You **MUST** give a tribute with your application, the amount is up to you- impress Me. Send your initial tribute in the form of an Amazon.com gift card to- AvaSnow216@GodivaModels.com I also have CirclePay, Square cash and various other applications, all you need do is ask, "Where do I send your money/Tribute to, Mistress Ava?" Have you sent tribute prior to applying?- If the answer is no- do so prior to applying or your application will be dismissed **What was your tribute?** Your Name: * Your Email: * Age: * Occupation: * Location (city, state/region, country) * Slave position for which you are applying: * Tell Me why you are worthy: * Do you have prior experience being a money slave? * Yes No If yes, describe: List your kinks: * I want to adopt your bills, Mistress I want to be your ATM, Mistress (be sure you have read and understand how I treat My ATM's) If you have selected to be one of My human ATM's - indicate the interest rate this machine pays here. I want to be your worthless cuckold, Mistress Please let only Me shower You with gifts, Mistress How did you find My site, piggy? If you selected "other" above- specify how you found My website here, little pig: Do **NOT** lie or mislead in your answers! Doing so will result in your application being denied and your tribute lost. If you are states away/country, you will please me as I desire and in return you'll be rewarded with pictures/videos for you to worship. Questions, comments and concerns are to be asked immediately upon this application! Do NOT waste my time. Do NOT lie. You no longer have the right to say no to me after this application is filled out and sent in. -Mistress Ava in Glendale
UK Findomme Looking for HumanATM, PayPigs to Serve, Worship, Adore and PAY Me What is MINE!!
Financial Domination at its finest! Contact Me if you wish to devote yourself and your life to Me. in
Tell Ms Laura what a loser you are
Feeling like the worthless loser you are? Tell me all about it! 855-759-4477 Ext: 2720 #humiliation #sissy #femdomme #paypig #findom in
Hello Piggies
Piggies may contact me, but you must pay this Goddess. in Hudson, Florida
I was just asked if I enjoyed inflicting pain. I believe they were trying to poke the bear. Lol. Honestly though, it is not so much about the infliction of pain as it is the expansion of boundaries. Or rather, preconceived boundaries. That is where I get my rush. Ready to expand? https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite in
Looking for a human atm ✨
#verified FinDomme & Psy student💰 I'm good at fucking your brain and draining your wallet just with words ✨🍒✨ Don't get fool by the pretty face or perfect body I'm strict as fuck and mean as hell. You'll be begging me to make you waste more once I'm done with you 😊💅🏼✨. Find me on Fetlife or Twitter as BabyCobra. Ask for KiK and don't bother if you're not willing to spend, I'm a respectable Domme and have no time to waste, don't even dream that'll text you first. Amazon+Giftrocket+Circlepay to babycobra19@gmail.com 💌 in
21 Year Old Goddess — Take My FinDomme Virginity
Rare and unique opportunity... 21, young and vibrant looking for my first ever slave. Let me show you that inexperience doesn't mean bad experience before demand for me to make you my finslave is too high and your requests go ignored. You won't regret it.... kik fin666domme I'll show you more there in
Human atm requested
I have a few spots available for a paypig that is not owned and is into anything withing this fets: ❣Ass/body worship ❣Sissy training ❣Feet worship ❣Humiliation ❣Etc... At the moment I'm mostly doing Kik sessions and a few Skype ones but ONLY for the losers that are worthy. Look me up on Twitter as babycobra19 for more info. Be ready to fet fucked up in every sense of the word. -Goddess/Mistress BabyC in
Welcoming new paypigs/slaves
I apologize for my recent absence, pigs. Ms Laura has had to undergo some major surgery recently and is still actually recuperating. But do not fear....I am healing well and ready to continue your ongoing torments. lol http://mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite Also, go to the tribute page and make your tributes. The Wish List is updated frequently...though $$$ is always most welcome. My latest paypig, sissy alana, has been busy doing his tasks and working hard to please his Mistress. It took him a while to get the pics to Ms Laura, as he is not the most tech savvy, but it is the thought that counts. I expect you all to do the same. Your Goddess will be resting this afternoon...make your tributes and call this evening. Ms Laura As of this evening, you can still speak with Me on My NiteFlirt line 1-800-863-5478 ext: 11107814 in
Blackmail and humiliate piggies
Tired of all these fake ass "pigs" Kik me @ bossybaby4u don't waste any more of my time either you pathetic losers in Denver
Amuse Ms Laura
Which of you little twits wants to be My amusement this evening? Call Me at 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext 11107814 in
1 hour left
1 hour to go... $150 at the top. Who's going to beat that? https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite/tribute #FinDom #femdom in
Are there actually any pigs or men with money on here? It seems like it's all just women looking for them. in Leola
Good morning all!
Busy week for Ms Laura again, as I am heading back on the road Thursday morning. Get your tributes and pics in to mslaura54321.wixsite.com/my site early. I will also be taking calls later today. in
Good opportunity for your financial support.
SUGAR MUMMY EXPRESS CONNECTION. INTERESTED IN MEETING SUGAR MUMMY? LESBIAN, GAY AND ONE NIGHT STAND ALSO AVAILABLE. We agency that get you connected with our best client from all walks of life. By meeting our sugar mummy one night stand service will give you nothing but fancy of life. Do contact us for the best immediate hookup. Your application confirmed within less than 24hours. Applicant must be 19 years and above, with good personality. Get up to SGD $1000 when you spend the night with our sugarmummy. Contact Information : Whatsapp : +6590857995 Wechat : sindating in Jurong East
Hello pigs, your mistress wants your attention. Kik sessions, teamviewer etc Tributes to -lynng355@gmail.com in
money money money
Home alone and high all day..come teamview with me! We can shop ;) skype: Jasmineanderson92@hotmail.com kik: jazzybaybee6 in Leola
Pay Pigs
I will dominate your mind and wallet. I love humiliating and blackmailing my piggies. in Denver
My first post!
FinDomme hoping to expand on what I already do. in Leicester
Whatsapp +601131398149 Mrs Jessica Wong if you are good on bed and wish to make money
WE ARE OFFERING SUGAR MUMMY TO ANY ONE WHO THINK OR KNOW HE IS GOOD ON BED..... ARE YOU SEEKING FOR A WEALTHY SUGAR MUMMY IN MALAYSIA? IF YOU ARE INTERESTED CONTACT NOW SUGAR MUMMY HOOKUP AGENCY IN MALAYSIA. Whatapp us at +601131398149. The only true legitimate agency for people who are seeking for rich and wealthy sugar mummy/daddy/lesbian/gay in MALAYSIA, u can also have the opportunity to attend our sugar mummies parties and the executive ladies and men parties by contacting sugar mummy dating hookup agency in MALAYSIA, start whatsapp now for hook up with one of our rich sugar mummy and sugar daddy from all walks of life, we cover all the states in MALAYSIA. Start Whatsapp now to get connected within 24 hours and make more money. We are legitimate Agency legally approve by Malaysia Government dating board for giving out hook up partner... This hook up is for Sugar Mummies/daddy in Malaysia, We have Rich Sugar Mummies that Need strong guy for emotional satisfaction and they pay back money in return. they are ladies of higher reputation. such as: oil ladies, company owner and politicians. World of satisfaction, Ladies are never old...they need more care and protection.... ENJOY AS YOU ARE CONNECT. PARTNER GET PAID BY MUMMY EVERY WEEK THE SUM OF RM,15,000.00... WHATSAPP +601131398149 AGENT MRS JESSICA NOW FOR QUICK HOOKUP AND START MAKING MONEY AND ENJOYING SEX AND LOVE. Yours, Miss Ju Advert Manager Contact Agent Jessica now on whatsapp for quick hookup with Sugar Mummy. +601131398149 in Kuala Lumpur
Become addicted.
#Cashmeets while I am in South Fl. Next stop NY. Whos ready to spoil? Obviously I'm the most gorgeous #findom you have ever seen correct? Well of course. I am an internationally publisjed model & nothing pleases me more then rinsing your wallet and being spoiled with gifts and cash. Cash meets, foot worship, ass worship. Add me on twitter if your serious then DM me bc my fanbase is huge & MAYBE i'll get back to you. It takes ALOT to please me. in Miami
Looking for a REAL Paypig - Don't waste my time
I am looking for someone to pay tribute in return for utter humiliation. I am above you and you should BEG me to let you pay tribute. Here are some rules: 1. Have money to spend – no cheapasses, no broke losers, no wannabe paypigs. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. 2. Get on your knees – you will kneel in servitude during any interaction unless I say otherwise. 3. Refer to Me as GODDESS – Being a dominant female entirely superior to you, you must speak to Me with the respect I deserve at all times. 4. You will ask for permission to touch yourself – Do not think that you have the right to make these decisions for yourself. You are nothing but a money slave and a toy for My amusement. I am your money Goddess and you will show Me respect by asking if you are allowed. 5. You will ask permission to cum – I am entirely in control and I will decide when/if you are allowed any pleasure.This is dependent on whether or not you have pleased MY financial fetish of exploiting you like a money slave should be. 6. You will ask to be dismissed – Again, you must respect your financial mistress. Do not just disappear, say goodbye like a normal person, not some loser with zero social graces. I expect My slaves to be polite. 7. Always be respectful – If you piss Me off or annoy Me in any way, you will be blocked immediately. I refuse to waste My time on anyone broke, cheap, annoying, overly disgusting, defiant, rude or disrespectful. Don’t think I’ll hesitate for a second when it comes to blocking you. in
Come let me use you, abuse you, and drain that wallet♡ Kik: rachaelbaby420 in
Advice for Paypigs & Financial Subs
Advice to all paypigs who are seeking a financial dominant whether it is a male or female. ALWAYS get video verification. Ask them for their Skype. 2-3 minutes maximum time length is long enough for them to prove they are real! There are a lot of fakes who are trying scamming paypigs and financial submissives who are trustworthy and pay. Be careful. I am hearing this more often. ALSO, paypigs use your brain in your head first before you make a decision. Quit thinking with your penishead first. in
Calling all finsubs
Hey there 😊 goddess rose here looking for loyal finsubs who will tribute regularly and show their loyalty to me by sending me gifts and taking care of all my needs. Ask me anything 😈🌹xx kik is l0veless in
best place to discuss anything about financial-domination-paypig-finsub-finslave-FinDomme-Findom-money-slave-money-sub-cash-cow-human-atm.

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