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It's almost valentines day!

Who is getting me what?! <3
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You don’t deserve your money
... but I do and you know it 😏 Kik me Now @Luxlady22 To send a tribute and be ready on your knees slaves in
FILL MY BANK ACCOUNT kik me thisbitchtho1994
LOSERS.. wyd with ur life besides not spoiling me bitch? in
Stop lying and wasting my time
I need money! And all the time wasters out there just gotta get on with the petty shit. This is my demand from you slaves and pigs out there. Give me the money I deserve to have cause you oinkers don't deserve it. in Saskatoon
Looking for a DEVOTED paypiggy
Looking for a man who wants to be controlled by a beautiful foot goddess. Must be ready to take care of me follow the rules. Your purpose is to worship me, serve me, please me, adore me. I am worth it Kik me @iamtroublexo. in
Your Asian Goddess Awaits
Kik me, I could use some pampering: Lileva6x9 in Las Vegas
This Goddess chooses you
Hello, it's about time you found me. Let's talk and see if we mesh. I want a sub that will be happy to tribute to me without being asked and expects nothing in return. I'm a sweetheart, but can be very firm when I want to be. in Los Angeles
It's almost valentines day!
Who is getting me what?! <3 in
Good little slaves need to realize their worth and place beneath a loving Goddess
Do you wish to serve? Do you wish to be praised for your good deeds and punished for your bad deeds? Do you wish to learn how to truly serve and submit to your superior Goddess? Look no further. I will guide you and teach you how to make ME the center of your world. I will teach you your place and what it means to be loved and owned by a true Goddess. Message me if you are a true submissive looking to serve and obey one Goddess forever. kvaline159@gmail.com in
Cucks wanted
Watch a real man fuck me sissy. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you clean me up after. in San Fran
Hand over some money cause you obviously dont need it
Hey you thereA yes you! Won't you be a good boy and give this goddess your money, I mean now! You have no choice really but you should hand it over real quick it will be worth your while right? Now come on now I need some #paypigs, #humanatm, #humanwallet to drain. If you are interested send me an email@ yamaihimesama@gmail.com in
A real Goddess
I am a Goddess incarnate. Goddesses only attract men of influence. I come from humble beginnings, but my path is to be opulent. I am naturally aligned with energies of precious stones, wealth, and inner radiance. I attract what I am, the energy that I am. I am naturally surrounded by angels of abundance and inner glow. I am here to attract men who will materialize these energies. I attract men who are very sure of themselves and have nothing to prove. Men that will come to me in full confidence knowing that they match my energy. I do whatever it takes so that my physical appearance matches my inner beauty. That’s why I am fit, only eat certain types of food, and am a perfectionist about my looks. They are a direct portrayal of how gorgeous I am within. When you are not blissful about your life it means that you don’t have the spiritual capacity to see blessings. I am not a conformist. If someone is not on my frequency I will not change my energy language to meet them. Goddesses are not meant to struggle through physical labor. I do not attract just regular men on the street. I have worked hard on myself, my appearance and my spirituality to attain the attributes that a Goddess deserves. I desire love and material comfort. I have authority! I am feminine divine desire. If one is not disciplined they will fall back on their ego, on their need based desires. I want to connect a man to the heavens. When you’re following your souls heart you can’t be mediocre. I want to completely open up and connect to divinity. in San Fran
I’m ready to waste your money. Not that you deserve me to grace you with my spending presence
New city to visit, new stores to shop in, pay me, and I’ll happily spend your undeserved money on completely frivolous and unnecessary things that make me happy, and you drained. ;) Cash app MistressSnakeAL Venmo is MistressSnake It’s tribute time, little 🐷🐽🐷😜🤑😜 in Casselberry
Queen wants to shop
Give your life newfound meaning slut. Give me your money and let's go shopping. New shoes to step all over your pathetic balls, new lingerie to please a real man, and any and everything in between. in Los Angeles
Paypig cuckold
I am looking for a paypig to spoil my king and I. I want to get us matching iPad's for v day. Step up now and let's have fun together. in Los Angeles
Buy costume porn clips
I know you losers are pathetic and odd, I’ll cater to you but it will cost you. Message me on kik Glendanicolesmith in San Fran
Worship my beautiful bleached asshole
Pink and tight for your delight, kneel Message me on kik: Glendanicolesmith in San Fran
wondering why no one has paid me yet? in

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