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Looking for longterm paypig

1 year ago by Mariah
in Kik WalletRape drain tributegoddess findom paypig spoiled
Stay At Home Mom · PHOENIX · United States
This goddess is looking for a long term pay pig. Someone that knows how to treat a goddess
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Daniel Eder @travolto owner duno.com and spiritual teacher/healer 1 year ago
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nice to have you here:
1. share post on twitter etc. to move to the top ...
2. join also hepays.com :-)
3. keep posting daily here and you will get much more visitors
Spiritual teacher: www.danieleder.com
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Bamsemma Azuka @Bamsemma 1 year ago
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Hello i have just read from your message now and i want us to build a serious relationship that led to marriage
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Daniel Eder @travolto owner duno.com and spiritual teacher/healer 1 year ago
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lol... i think you will have trouble with that :-D
Spiritual teacher: www.danieleder.com
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Spoil me
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Long Time paypig
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Looking for longterm paypig
This goddess is looking for a long term pay pig. Someone that knows how to treat a goddess in PHOENIX
Looking for paypigies/slaves
Don't bother even trying unless you have tributes. I want all of it not just a couple bucks it's Friday I need weekend funds. Send your tributes and have a Skype or Kik session today. I'll make you feel ways you never knew you could. I'm demanding And sadistic beg me to take your money in Denver
Long Term Pay Pig, Apply Now
You know you must pay me pigs..... in Hudson, Florida
Cash slaves/paypigs
.a control freak and I want total domination Nothing excites me more than. Taking a weak pathetic excuse of man and turn him into personal slave. Can't handle it? Most can't but I will traon you to be a powersless cash slave Kik me @bossybaby88 in Denver
seeking paypig
Kik @ranaabearr if you're serious. in
I rinse wallets, collect credit card numbers, and humiliate you in the process. You dont deserve a penny for yourself, you now work for MY money. Kik me worthless piggies, and drain your income on me. I'll budget for you, control your bank, spoil myself with your money xoMissElle on kik Square Cash: cash.me/$xoMissElle Google Wallet: pinkpantyraid@gmail.com Amazon GC: pinkpantyraid@gmail.com in
kik only , miissren4432 do not message me hi or your pretty , pledges should be put first . $50 minimum . very loving godess if you give me the money I fucking deserve . in
Swedish girl searching for piggies
Your searching for my attention? and want someone who fuck your bankaccount. I love to be spoiled and i'm looking for anyone that wants to give me what I need. all you need is money and i'll talk to you all day long. Searching for a paypig, Its a fetish if you are one you know ;)//princess PS i like older man ! Im a student study to be a psykologist, sometimes i can barly pay rent , want someone to spoil and Your serius ? I CANT text abored number it cost so much so no Pm absolut that! I have kik Skype and viber , want someone to spoil? Xxo... im 100 % real , i have cam in
I'll drain your wallet
You know a girl like me deserves to be spoiled don't you? It's you job to spend all your hard earned money on me. All of my daddies do just that, and now you are gonna be one of those daddies too. So call me and tell me how much you love spending your money....... Cum follow me on twitter too daddy: https://twitter.com/lisastarr19 @lisastarr19 http://pillow-whisper.com/Listings/ViewListing.aspx?listing=2727 1-855-759-4477 Ext: 2727 in
Conten in Multan
Pay pigs, Money slaves, Human Atms, Findom
Now accepting new piglets, money slaves and sissy bitches to feel privileged of obeying and worshiping me. Come let me humiliate you, let me stomp on your small dicks while you give me your very last. All you pigs were born to worship n support me for you deserve nothing. Now kneel at my feet with wallet in hand and send me what's mine.. KIK bbwmistress4u NO TIME WAISTERS!!! If you aren't ready to send tribute FUCK Off!! Now to my true sissy boys my pay piggies come get wallet raped let me ride u till there's nothing left.. message me NOW do as your told.. KIK bbwmistress4u in
seeking long-term paypig
I'm not one who likes wasting time, so I'm just going to make this short and to the point. If this is your thing and you actually have money, then kik me @randaabearr. in
Worship me
Kik me if you're serious about worshipping me like the goddess I am! Kik: Alienbishh2 Make sure to have your tribute ready ;) in
Looking for new piggies
Message me if you'd like to be my personal slave. Looking for paypigs of all ages! If you want my attention you know you have to show me you deserve it by opening your wallet to me. in

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