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Princess x Paypig

6 months ago by Hyona
in paypig
· · United States
Princess looking for a paypig, only willing to go as far as communicating. Will not send nudes or do any sexual activities. Let me know if you're interested. Ask for my kik.
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Hyona @Hyona 6 months ago
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Works best for me if you can't contact my kik. Send me some financial goodies for attention or domination in return. 💕
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Paypig needed
Which one of you is willing to worship the ground I walk on and spoil me. Send me money I need to pay my bills . PayPal is breashaaa@gmail.com in
paypig forum
i created a paypig forum here in München
You must have money, I am a domme, tribute should be the first step of getting my attention. My minimum is $50, can’t do that? Don’t bother messaging me. Kik: desireex122 email: desireex12@outlook.com in
Finding Paypigs ASAP
Need paypigs send me money and maybe in return i'll send you something you might enjoy ;) paypal.me/littleprincess1 in
Findomme Goddess
I am more beautiful and gifted than you deserve. I am a goddess. I am worshipped and made sacrifices for. You are undeserving of the luxury of money, you are lower than dirt. I am above you, and it is your pleasure to please me. in
LOYAL piggies only
my birthday is coming up, as if i should have to give you an excuse to drain your wallet anyways. i accept visa gift cards and e gift cards to anywhere (vs, sephora, amazon, etc). or you could surprise me in my paypal.me :) paypal.me/elyse10 chop chop piggies, my birthday is only right around the corner in
Paypiglet Interviews
If you are a submissive that likes financial domination and understand that this is something that requires a lot of money, then you may send me proof that you are serious about serving me completely as a piglet/submissive/payslut/slave. Pay tribute at one of the following sites: patreon.com/user?u=4742103 https://www.circle.com/invite/1K1B9O contact information: Skype: lovelylady03.33@gmail.com Kik: candydommegoddess twitter: @candydomme or @goddesscandydom in Port Saint Lucie
How do i delete my account???
Need help in
Paypigs needed😘
Which one of you desperate losers is willing to worship and spoil me? Kik me at: somegirl_94 in
Name: Age: Monthly Income/Salary: Monthly Outgoings (Essentials): Occupation: Relationship Status: Fetishes: Daily/Weekly/Monthly Allowances? Daily/Weekly/Monthly Budget to spoil me: Are you willing to partake in humiliating tasks? Are you willing to send tributes on top of the daily/weekly/monthly budget? What are you expecting of/from me? Are you going to want tasks set? Fill out and send to aandjfindom@gmail.com plus a tribute. I might reply. in
mistress Joana
If you want to chat with me 20 $.. and if you send more money i will give you more attention... Only for serious people ... !!! in Varna
I WANT !!!
I want piggy who want to give me money for my wish list in amazon .. if they want to chat with me ... !!! No money, no funny !!! in Varna
Paypig needed Asap
Buy Me stuff off my amazon wish list and don't ever talk to me again you sexy little worshippers My wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/36Y8VU1TAWXR8/ref=cm_sw_r_at_wl_o_RI7Fyb88NCE4H in
who want to full my card
my card is empty piggy .. who want to full it in Varna
Searching for paypiggy
I searching for serious pay piggy .. Kik me mistressjoana in Varna
Real and Loyal PayPigs and Sissys
I'm looking for serious pay pigs, subs and sissys who are looking to be owned by a beautiful mistress! Kik: annaloulou92 Twitter: @mistressannalou in
I'm a goddes that deserves to be spoiled. Send me money to buy new clothes and get prettier: marlovelolly@hotmail.com in
largest paypig forum in the world
this duno.com category will become the largest paypig forum in the world.. suck my ass reddit for stealing my subreddit :-) in München
Loyal shopping slaves
Looking for a loyal shopping slave to serve my every desire. Serious offers only. No excuses or complaining. You know what this fetish is, don't play dumb. Kik - unicornlove1994 (mention shopping slave in your opening message) in
lady jo
Kik me mistressjoana if you are real pay piggy !!! in Varna
Goddess Tiffany now accepting worthless pigges for financial abuse. Slaves come bow down kneel at my feet with wallet in hand let this Goddess wallet rape you take what is rightfully mine for which you don't deserve a penny of it. NO FAKES NO BABY PIGS real PAYPIGS ONLY need apply. Now come worship the only Goddess your pathetic ass will ever need obey my bitches and do as your told be my good little sissy boy. Tributes Cash & Gift Cards bbwmistressdom@gmail.com kik- bbwmistress4u http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2055CE5AY1TL1 in
goddess Joana
My amazon wish list is full .. change that ! in Varna
Skype Or Kik sessions!
Let's have some fun. Sessions tonight! Message me. in Durham
Oink And Pay Piggy
Well piggy it's time to come and crawl to me, with your wallet open. Hand me all your cash, while you grovel at my feet. Do it now you loser pig!!!!!!!! Call me NOW piggy, and tell me what a loser pig you are...... 1-855-759-4477 Extension: # 2721 in Hudson, Florida
Searching for a PayPig
Looking for a man with MONEY to be my sugar daddy and make me happy. No pay no play. Serious inquires only, add me on kik KittyQueenSam in
Goddess seeking to drain a Loyal paypig
I don't have time to Bullshit I am a dominant women seeking a male slave who I can control you will live and work for me. Financial domination is what I am after if you can't provide for me then do not message me. I need you pigs to be ready with tributes before you are worthy of any of my time. PayPal and Google wallet.. now come pigs and let this Goddess drain your wallet obey your master.. kik Mzcontrolla4u in
Paypig needed by Princess Nikki
Come to me my darling little pets, let's play a while. Want to know more? Send me a message then! in
Looking for SERIOUS Paypiggie
Kik me - AshleeBSmash in Brooklyn
open up your wallets, and give me all your hard earned cash. I have a $50 minimum so don't even bother talking to me if you don't have the $$$ worthless rich pay piggys who have the cash i want can message me on kik : Gnarlyshitt in
Looking for a serious Pay Pig!!!
I'm looking for a paypiggy :) if you're serious, Kik me : Gnarlyshittt in
hey spoil me thanks
send me money on my PayPal at rhees@gmx.com in
https://www.adultwork.com/GynnaPleaza BOOK ME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.adultwork.com/GynnaPleaza in London
I get so many useless kik messages a day, so let me break down some guidelines for the incompetent. 1. You must have money, I am a domme, tribute should be the first step of getting my attention. My minimum is $50, can’t do that? Don’t bother messaging me. 2. Do not message me hi, or “you’re cute” I fucking know dumb ass. You wanna get my attention? Message me something along the lines of. “How much should my worthless ass tribute”. 3. Kik: desireex122 email: desireex12@outlook.com 4. A simple wishlist: a Victoria secret e gift card, a sephora e gift card, a mac cosmetics e gift card, amazon gift card, visa gift card, – more soon, suggestions? Just ask in
Every cent you make belongs to me. You don't deserve anything. It would take every dime you have just to earn my attention. I don't want anyone who can't give me everything that I desire. Fail me once and your punishment will be brutal. Fail me twice and you will be banished. in
Pay pigs spoil me rotten.
I'm making my birthday arraignments .. which loser fuck is drooling to fund my day . 🖕🖕🖕 🐷🐖🐖😛😛 in
Bill time!
Which lucky little piggie is going to pay one of my bills this month? Electricity or internet. Your choice. Good piggies get rewarded. in Durham
Wheres the real slaves at
Here piggy piggy piggy, Let see who can follow orders Whos gonna be the lucky loser to get my attention tonight? Kik me tonya_6963 I want to humiliate someone right now! Lets see which one of you little dick boys are gonna have the privilege to worship a real goddess tonight. Better hurry!!! in
find a paypig on hepays
hepays is a great website to find paypigs http://www.hepays.com in München
Serious Pay Pig
If you are a serious paypig, then you know what to do. Don't waste my time!!!!!!! in Hudson, Florida
24 yo Amanda looking for someone to spoil her.. Kik me on @Amanda_perry1
I want you to spoil me i got bills running and a rent.. I am gonna satisfy all your needs ;) ! in
Seeking a miserable cash cow
I am a demanding stuck up goddess that you perverted pigs will never get a chance to touch I'm a princess from head to toe that is very goal orientated and family orientated I know exactly what you fuckers would try to do if I let you first thing first you will work hard and often beg down on your knees for my attention to recognise u only for the money you spent on my trip , shopping sprees or whatever I want to do I will degrade you and have you draining your wallets simultaneously you will know you are inferior to me I will take full advantage of you and teach your dumb ass how to be in check I will be your addiction your lust and the only one you trust Inquire within - kik thebratchaos Skype - Goddess Chaos Email Youaremycoward4theday@gmail.com Tributes -- cash.me/$pay2chaos in
Looking For a honest& loyal amaoney Slave,Pay Pig
now accepting worthless pigges for financial abuse. Slaves come bow down kneel at my feet with wallet in hand let this Goddess wallet rape you take what is rightfully mine for which you don't deserve a penny of it. NO FAKES NO BABY PIGS real PAYPIGS ONLY need apply. Now come worship the only Goddess your pathetic ass will ever need obey my bitches and do as your told be my good little sissy boy.mistressrebekafindom@gmail.com in
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you're only reason to live
Bratty, controlling and should be the only girl in your life. I'll make you cum better than your wife's ever could. $35 minimum must be sent to pay pal before I attend to any of your needs. lol me and set up an arrangement. Kathrynmarie29 in
You're just a paypig
Do you think you're worth my time? You'll worship me and you'll enjoy every sending of me draining you of your money, you pig. Follow me on twitter @hoemoshy and I expect tribute beforehand. in
looking for loyal paypig
I'll fill your desires if you'll fill my wallet ;) find me on kik- miissren4432 in
Paypigs Wanted A.s. A. P.
Text me 2102397101 if you want to help me in
Seeking loyal paypig
Kik : Leeaiko. in
Hi piggys
Hey piggy who want to give me money for a new jacket ???? NOW !!! in Varna
Paypig wanted
Wanting paypigs to send me money will Skype you or kik you in return for cash, let me know what you want to do in
best place to discuss anything about paypig.

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