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Valentines Day Domination sessions

6 months ago by Queen Morgan
in findom
FinDomme Queen · Atlanta · United States
FinDomme Queen Morgan
I am here help you. Are you a submissive man? Do you feel you're failure? Do you feel weak around beautiful, unobtainable women? Do you have an addiction to financial domination? IF yes contact your QUEEN MORGAN onedivamorgan@gmail.com
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where can i find paypigs? i want to start with financial domination
if you want to start with financial domination go to www.hepays.com its the best place to start in Munich
starting in findom - how to become a findomme
the best way is to register on duno.com twitter.com and follow the categories and tags #findom and #paypig and see how your competition does it :-) in München
Goddess Seeking slaves
Hello you pathetic losers GoddessAnnaaB Here! I am Looking for some new slaves to come and worship me! I want to take control of everything and make you cower beneath me! So come and serve me you pathetic little Losers! Take a look at my website for more information! http://findomannabelle.wixsite.com/goddessannaab Or you can contact me via my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/goddessannaab/ in Gainsborough
Give me your money now.
I need a pay piggy. I want your money, NOW. in Sugar Baby
findom forum
i created a findom forum here.. feel free to post in München
Young FinDom Exploring the World Wide Web of Wonders
Hello Peeps, I'm a (new-ish) financial dom who is gradually learning the ins and outs and in betweens of that whole fetish world. I'm currently looking for new paypigs, sugar daddies and slaves to worship me financially. I love to talk with my slaves on a daily basis, learning about their lives while also helping them become who they want to be. I feel like I'm becoming a sort of therapist for those who are a little lost in the world and it's been such a fun and exciting adventure for me! There's so much to learn about the fetish lifestyle especially being a findom and I can't wait to pick up all the info as I grow. in Chico
Message me to become my personal paypig🐷💸🐷 Serious slaves ONLY!! No time wasters‼️ in Texas
findom amazon wishlist
a great way to get money from paypigs is by creating an amazon whichlist and sending your slaves there to buy you stuff. benefit is you dont have to give out your address in München
BBW Domme selling well worn socks and panties.
Do you love the smell of a woman's worn panties and socks? BBW Domme selling used panties and stinky socks. Will also take custom requests. Email for info. in Hell
Seeking new finsubs
Check out my profile then send me a message in Gainsborough
Curvy cute princess
I don't sell nudes! I'm a beautiful bratty ambitious girl who wants a real paypig to play with, one who's respectful and treats me! You should enjoy giving as much as I like taking all your money lol in
Im Goddess Magda 25y old from Europe Poland. I am looking for young slaves that are interested in doing picture assignments and possible exposure online. I want him to be willing to do each and every thing I say. I he does well, he will be rewarded. If not, he will be punished. My kik last time almost crashed, but i try it again. Kik!: goddessmagda Describe yourself and what you are looking for, guys with a picture will receive an answer first. in
Femdom looking for sub/ paypig
I believe that if you bark like a dog you might as well act like One. As a sub or paypig your job is to spend money on me, if you want to prove your worthy of my time then send me some money. If you think your somewhat worthy of praising me I grant you permission to private message me but do not waste my time. Not interested in sex but I can punish and humiliating you if that's what your into. in
very hot findomme mistress domina
one of the hottest findomme mistress dominas on twitter https://twitter.com/spoiled_marie3 in München
Real finsubs only
Let me drain that bank of yours and much much more come worship me, send me a kik tonya_6963 dont have kik? Get it! And hurry up only accepting new msgs for a limited time in
Moneyslaves Apply Here Now
Wanted: A Money slave who is going to spend it all on me! I am worth every cent that is in your bank account! Make me proud to be your queen. Impress me. I will put you in debt and laugh while I spend everything that you gave me. PM me asap if you think you are even worth a second of my valuable time. in Hudson, Florida
Angry Princess Ready to Rinse
I've had such a shitty day, and that means i'm going to take out my frustration on your wallet! NO PAYPAL. PM me. in
Ebony FinDom taking slaves
Taking slaves on kik and skype must be generous in serving in
At 3pm EST today, Ms Laura will be doing live sub screenings via Skype. DM Me for instructions on how to get your interview in. in
largest findom forum in the world
this category will become the largest findom forum in the world. fuck you reddit for taking away my subreddit /r/paypig. reddit sucks like hell in München
Where are you worthless guys at. in
Seeking chastity slave
19 year old Findomme who gets off on control here! ;) I'm proficient in chastity, orgasm control, as well as other aspects of Findomming such as worship, degradation, sadism, etc... Check out my hepays for more info <3 https://www.hepays.com/LittleTsaritsa in
taking applications for new loyal slaves and pigs
Currently looking for new loyal slaves to submit to my power. I want total control of your life, you want to go out? Only if i say you can! I will use and abuse you as i see fit. Your pathetic life will find purpose and meaning with me. in
I have made a new twitter account! So all you worthless losers come and follow me! @GoddessAnnaaB in Gainsborough
Findom Succubus Wants to Drain You
Come crawl on your knees into My Web. Where I will seduce you, control you and drain you. I want everything you have and you are going to give it to Me. I want you to be addicted to Me, My Voice and My Power to control everything you do. Are you worthy enough to be my little fly in a web. Wrapped up, waiting for Me to strike and take what's Mine....we shall see you can pass the test. in Hell
Pay up
Pay up piggies ! I am more then worth your money in
i went getting true sugar mumy...i am so be hard in bedding ...as will as if she went ...meeting me now... in
Paypig wanted by a dominatrix
I want to dominate you piggy. I want you to be powerless and beneath me whilst I empty your wallet all over you. You will kneel at my feet and beg me to rape your wallet, and I will. You will do as I say without fail. If you think you're worthy of my time, my Whatsapp is 07508147826. Pay me for my time and attention or find someone else that will allow your pathetic ass to worship them. in
Financial subs apply
Looking for loyal little payslaves to keep me in a life of luxury. Tasks are available I have kik and my twitter is @GODESSJCURVES come find me in
Hello, MichaelaBradford here UK Findomme. I am looking for new genuine paypigs. I have been doing this many years and verified on quite a lot of sites if you would like to research me and check I am genuine. I love many various fetishes and also offer paid cam and phone sessions. If you would like to tribute I accept UK Giftcards or circle which can be sent to michaelabradford@aol.com I hope to hear from you all soon. in Bradford
Accepting new paypigs.
Taking applications for paypigs, I am verified. Links are in my profile. No time wasters, no fakes. Google wallet for tribute only. in
want to feel like a useful piggie?
https://www.amazon.com/gp/gc/gcf/viewcart/ref=gcui_d_e_atc_sb_m_b_i $50 dollars of your hard earned cash straight to this beauties hands. your manhood and wallet will now be mine. put your money to genuine great use in
Seeking a paypig to rinse
Accepting all paypig applications kik princessleilaniii and tell her the following info: Full Name Age Where you live Why you should be my paypig/slave So send in the applications and keep in mind about tributes pigs! in Raleigh
Need a paypig
If you want my attention, money talks louder than begging. Send tribute and you have my attention. in Springfield
Call Your Goddess
Call me and spoil me with your cash!! You know a girl like me deserves to be spoiled don't you? It's you job to spend all your hard earned money on me. All of my daddies do just that, and now you are gonna be one of those daddies too. So call me and tell me how much you love spending your money....... http://pillow-whisper.com/Listings/ViewListing.aspx?listing=2727 1-855-759-4477 Ext: 2727 in
Chastity Time!
Time to add a few keys to my collection. Which of you will be lucky enough to stay in #chastity? mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite #findom #paypig in
New findom in this bitch
Ight listen up pay pigs!! Im a new findom up in this bitch but dont even think about disrespecting me. I got shit to do and dont need a back talker. Talk with your money in my paypal account. I am accepting slaves. Contact me if u dare in
BBW Goddess looking for a Paypig
I am a Goddess, and I WILL be treated like one. Kneel down, and kiss my feet, you mutt. I am a financial dominatrix, and you live for me to drain your bank account. I do NOT tolerate; disobedience, disrespect, and talking to me without tribute. You pay to play. Do NOT even THINK about approaching me without paying me first, PIG. You will spoil me, and I'll humiliate you! If you actually dare to message me you are required to immediately tribute or I will have you locked in chastity and turn You out as a gay cyber slave until you have come to realize that I AM your Goddess, and that you ARE my slave. And when you've come to realize this, you WILL tribute me for letting you be caged in a chastity! Send Amazon gift cards to adoremebabe37@gmail.com in Missouri
If you are seriously looking to serve a fair, but demanding, Mistress... https://mslauratoyou.blogspot.com If you just want to be a paypig, tributes accepted via CirclePay, Google Wallet, GreenDot or Amazon. DM for instructions. Ms Laura in
I deserve your hard earned money
Taking new subs. Drain your account to the most deserving goddess. Kik abbyfem. in
let me remind you of what you are
you are beneath me, you belong to me, your money, manhood, and emotinal health is mine for the taking and i'm not leaving till their all drained. in
Princess Seeking Paypigs and Moneyslaves to wallet rape
Come spoil me, treat me to the life of luxury, on your dime of course... you may visit my website (if you do so, read your duties and submit an application) naughtymissnikki.weebly.com or for those of you losers too scared, you can just send your tributes to cash.me/$naughtymissnikki in
Always room!
I'm getting rather busy with the amount of submissive men wanting a piece of the action! If you are genuinely interested in long term arrangements, please take a look at lauraloveslosers.com Exciting times ahead!! in Leicester
I am your Goddess.
If you're reading this, you owe me money. Every penny you earn will clothe, pamper and please this demanding 21 yr old domme. I own you now, loser. Kik saveja__ for your first task. in
mistress seeks money slave
I am a south florida mistress who needs someone to bend to my every will and want. To spoil and shower me in gifts, shoots me a message and get to know me ;) in
Paypig/Finsub Wanted!
I'm looking for short term and long term paypigs and finsubs. I'm a financial Dom. No timewasters. in
BBW Mistress wants obedient money slave to use for my pleasure
BBW Mistress is seeking a money slave to spoil, adore and worship Me. Must be financially secure, trustworthy, dedicated and loyal. Want Me to walk all over your weak body as you give Me your cash and credit card. Right now is the perfect time to show Me how much you want to spoil Me. My happiness is the only thing you should be thinking about until you go to bed. Then, while sleeping, you will dream about giving Me more. Always remember that making sure I get what I want, and that is the reason for your happiness. Do NOT contact Me if you have no intentions of tributing, you have NO place in My life unless you are contributing to Me in some way financially. Email me for where to send your cash. in Hell
Piggy bank
Give never your wallets piggies I need clothes! in
New Vibrator in my wishlist, buying it for me guarantees you an original video of me~!!
Buying it for me guarantees an original video of me with content we'll discuss beforehand, tailored to your specific desires and fetishes <3 Pm me here: https://www.hepays.com/LittleTsaritsa Wishlist: https://www.deliverycode.com/wishlist/16855 in
Hello my new slaves
Slaves Positions Available Now! I made the decision that starting a fresh 2017 getting rid of all the time wasters, fakers, fly by, and ain't shit slaves. So now I have all my positions up for Grabs. For information email at goddivamorgan@gmail.com in Atlanta
best place to discuss anything about findom.

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