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Which marriage do you prefer love or arranged and Why??

2 years ago by Zinia
in marriage and relationships
Singer · · India
Which marriage do you prefer love or arranged and Why?
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Aisha’s Links and the best traditions of Muslim matchmaking
Finding the right person is difficult enough, but actually getting married to them is also becoming increasingly complicated. In Islam, the process of marriage should not become a burden. Yet prevalent cultural influences in Pakistani and Indian Muslim communities are making it increasingly difficult for young men and women to tie the knot – from the ever-increasing costs of celebrity-style weddings, to the hurdles that family members insist upon in the name of tradition. At Aisha’s Links, they take a simple approach – they will help you find someone best suited to your personality, world view and social background. Then they will walk you through the entire process, helping you with approaching the families, arranging the nikah agreements, and any other help that you might need. Aisha’s Matrimonial offers a membership that delivers a bespoke, tailored dating service. Forget about the ineffectiveness of blind dates, negotiating speed dating or tediously trawling through online dating profiles. They have a database full of appropriate single Muslims waiting to meet you. And, through getting to know you and finding out more about the type of person you want to meet, they will work out the best plan. Aisha and her team of professional Muslim matchmakers won’t need much time to set you up on a first meeting, and you can expect a like-minded companion. Maybe you live a fast, hard life in a high-powered job and need someone who can keep pace with your ambitions? That’s no problem. They will find you a date that is determined, intelligent and work-focused. But perhaps you need a total opposite? Someone who lives life a bit slower and will compensate for your driven and determined approach to your career? There’s no issue here either. After all, opposites can attract! But aren’t online dating sites like matchmaking? Sort of, but if you join an online dating site, it’s you who decides who to date. And putting the time constraints to one side for a moment, you simply don’t get enough information from a dating profile that exists on a website in order to make a worthy decision. It takes more than a photograph and a profile’s interpretation of their plus points. With a professional Muslim matchmaking service like the one offered by the Aisha’s Rishtay, they have access to more information. They have got to know other members, just like they will get to know you. Time is the most precious commodity out there, so save some time, let them do the hard work and look forward to the next phase of your life. in
is there any single female here
just wanna have fun and a talk with any single female here. in KADUNA
where can i find a free dating site
just looking for someone to be with, am just cold, single, and sorrow, if Any one interested please let me know. ♥♥let love lead. in KADUNA
Which marriage do you prefer love or arranged and Why??
Which marriage do you prefer love or arranged and Why? in
marriage and relationships
I want to find my true love i want to find a white man for a good and standard relationship leading to marriage...relationships with black men is a no no for me..tried several times but it failed.... in Lagos
best place to discuss anything about marriage-and-relationships.

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