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5 months ago by Zee Zander
in Findomme
none of your concern · Silver Spring · United States
Obey Your Goddess
I will consume your thoughts and will shape you to be mine, you will disappear, cease to exist except to be my little worker drone.
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Zee Zander @thedominion112 none of your concern 5 months ago
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Want to know what is tribute and why you should be doing it?Tribute is a gift to show admiration, respect, and gratitude. Why would anyone want a follower who doesn’t come to them without an offering to show their dedication to them?
Obey Your Goddess
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Goddess feet
How do you show gratitude and devotion to Your Goddess’s size 7 US, (EU 37-38), (foot length 9.25 in/23.5 cm) feet? Tribute for new shoes, Tribute for upkeep, Tribute to show gratitude, Tribute because Your Goddess commands you google play / circle : thedominionismymistress@gmail.com venmo:the-dominion112 in Silver Spring
Findomme looking for obedient, respectful paypiggies & finsubs.
Please seek me on Twitter - @VioletVee10 Don't pretend you don't want to... in
Looking for atm slaves
Hello, I am looking for atm slaves send me money and contact me for more info. Send me at least $1000 in
Findom me
I’m here and new and looking for pigs to pay me, where are you all ? Come out come out where every you are and spoil me like the princess I am in
Waiting to be spoiled!
Where are my pay piggies?! in Cheektowaga
Verified Findom. I bring men to their knees
I know you’ve been dying to be told... you aren’t worthless. But the truth is, until you are emptying your wallet and soul for me to take and feed on, you truly are the worthless maggot you know you are. Find your purpose pet... prove your worth. Cash app: $ServeAnna Circlepay/Amazon GC: honeypeaches08@gmail in
Findomme! Need paypigs
Hey worthless little piggy. Miss Candy needs new nails and hair... you should pay for them! I have circle pay, paypal or bank transfer for good UK piggies. Add me to kik : flirtyanddirty1 in
maid day
Want to be my maid for a day? Want to be confined in my closet for hours on end only allowed to come out to cook, clean or for just my amusement. Come dressed in your choice of service outfit but not naked, I don't want your junk touching my shit. I of course will not allow you into my personal living space or to be in my presence for free. 12 hours = $100 tribute. 24 hours = $200 tribute. Dm me for more details. in Silver Spring
Give me money
Send me $50 why? Because I say so. Send tributes to google play / circle : thedominionismymistress@gmail.com venmo:the-dominion112 in Silver Spring
Who wants to be my toy? $100 for 12 hours and $200 for 24 hours. When you are not actively being used for my amusement, you will be confided in my closet. depending on things beforehand, you may be gagged, bound and gagged while in the closet until you are of use. Your clothing choice is up to you, but something will be covering your junk. some tasks you will perform are being my chair, footstool, wine pouring pet, foot rubs ect... email me for more information thedominionismymistress@gmail.com in Silver Spring
chasity bitches
Looking for pets to lock in chasity. pets will be expected to pay a $5 tribute weekly while thanking their Goddess for being their keyholder. If pets want to be unlocked from chasity, pets will pay $100 to be released fro chasity. in Silver Spring
My dark fantasy, want to make it real?
I want a sub/slave that I can drain so far into despair that they are living in the streets eating garbage while I am living it up in a Mansion. I want to go to fancy restaurants while they cry on a prepaid phone while I send them pictures of me enjoying myself to the fullest. I want them to be a fucking hobo because of me. To have their home foreclosed because they financed so many trips and gifts for me. I want ruin someone. I want their family to leave and they have nothing. I want to take their dog, their house, their wife, their children away from them until they are left with nothing and them they are no longer of use to me, the fucker will end it all. send your money here: googleplay: thedominionismymistress@gmail.com, venmo:the-dominion112 email me for more options to give me your money thedominionismymistress@gmail.com in Silver Spring
I will consume your thoughts and will shape you to be mine, you will disappear, cease to exist except to be my little worker drone. in Silver Spring
wanna get bullied buy a cute girl and line her pockets to boot? line on up, piggies ! ❤
got a little extra cash? got a desire to be dominated by an otherwise coy & sweet girl? you've come to the right place ! i'm pepper and i looOOooove to push men around and make 'em pay for my attention. i wanna see you squirming with frustration, my little pet! you're so cute when you're submissive. this is a two-way street, i am genuinely into this, and if you're serious about being my cute lil paypiggy you will send me a tribute at https://ko-fi.com/pepperdarling and drop me a line on my kik (pepper.darling). i look forward to hearing from you, boys! in Los Angeles
Follow me on kik @AlanaGoddesss and pay $500
Don’t waste my fucking time pigs! in Cheektowaga
Feeling flirty!
Let's talk.. and maybe more.. I might just do anything... in
Teen Findomme looking for paypigs
f, 19, looking for paypigs to come spoil me. either include a gift card in your first message or ask for my paypal. time wasters will be blocked. in
Accepting Finsubs, Paypigs, and Sissies.
I'm looking for loyal subs, sissies, and piggies to serve me consistently. Contact me for ownership, humiliation, exploration and more. I'm the findomme you need. Specialties: ignore sessions, CEI, blackmail, foot fetish, GFE, high heels, joi, sissification, chastity play, foot fetish, verbal and online humiliation, cuckolding, SPH, and many many more. in Florida
Pay to Play
Pay me as your Queen. Send a sizable tribute and you may garner my attention if you are worthy! After the tribute is made you have a 1 month trial to see if you get to stay. KIK username is dommeshell (Miss Dommeshell) Tribute must be made to $dommeshell on Square Cash in
Me and Miss Snow do meet and greets and sessions with potential subs/ slaves email me to set up an appointment with us thedominion112@gmail.com in Silver Spring
be my bitch
Want to be my dog? Want to spend a day in my dog kennel?Meals and walks are included? It will cost $200 a day to play with me. message me for more information. thedominion112@gmail.com in Silver Spring
Double trouble, follow the Gothic Goddesses on twitter
Goddess Snow @xmilkywhitex The Dominion @thedominion112 in Silver Spring
Are you a good finsub
Simple Rules for Moneyslaves/paypets/finsubs/humanatms/paypig/cashcowsect... I) Your Goddess expect tributes weekly 2) If you are bored, give me tribute. 3) If you want to spend money, spend it on your Goddess. 4) Want to cut back on eating? send me all your food money . 5) You don't need a social life, send all your extra money to me. 6) I expect tributes weekly 7) Want to give me all of your money, Your Goddess accept this. 8) Want to give me your life savings, Your Goddess will happily take it. Your Goddess is a all consuming force, satisfy her. send tributes to (Googlewallet:thedominionismymistress@gmail.com) /venmo:the-dominion112). email for more tribute otpions thedominion112@gmail.com in Silver Spring
obey serve subscribe tribute
Obey your Queen Morgan Serve Queen Morgan Subscribe to Queen Morgan Tribute to your Queen Morgan in Atlanta
African Goddess looking for a Cashpig
Funny, sarcastic and witty not only here for the money, here for the rush Entertain me Dont bore me Worship me and give me everything I want a Yes Man in
Verified Findom. I bring men to their knees.
I only want dedicated and loyal pigs. I am quite serious and strict, but I can be nurturing too. Message me to find out how you can be useful. Dont forget to send your tribute first. Kik: urhentaihoe08 Amazon GC/Circle pay: honeypeaches08@gmail Cashapp: $PrincesssAnna in
Goddess items
Items I sell -Goddess Spit -used panties -old/worn out shoes -used socks -unscented wipes that are used to wipe all over my body after a intense workout. -pubic hair -fetish videos -excrement -nail clippings -special Goddess wine -pantyhose -used candy/gum -Goddess leftovers email me for more email thedominion112@gmail.com in Silver Spring
Financial Domination Fetish
Goddess impatiently waiting on NEW CONSTANT Piggies to Drain! I’m in need of a new Pig to drain! If you feel worthy ..pay tribute to CASH APP ME $cocoabear01 and then inbox me for my guidelines. Hurry Now! i want to start with financial domination ,Used panties, pics, videos, GFE, sessions, ratings. Have you been a bad boy who needs to be punished? I can teach you a lesson you’ll never forget in
Your wittle cock needs locked up. 🔐 embrace your submission and the fact that all you will be able to do now is rub your sore blue balls. 😘 KiK🔹 urhentaihoe08 Cashapp🔹$ServeAnna in
Be a good boy
Are you a good boy? Do you deserve a reward? How do you get to be a good boy you ask? With tribute of course. googleplay: thedominionismymistress@gmail.com, venmo:the-dominion112 email me for more tribute options. in Silver Spring

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