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Your Queen Is Here 😘

A lot of girls want to become financial dominatrixes because it looks like a magic way to get easy money. They think you can just call some dude a loser and get free shoes. Well, that's not exactly how it works or even what it's about. It's both an art and a science. If you want the real deal feel free to hit me up KIK : Localipz cant wait to hear from you!
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Ivy1k @ivy1k 2 months ago
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Elegant and Hot teasing beauty. You will enjoy it. be sure :) . pm me on kik @ ivy1k
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looking for a slave
I'm new to this and ready to look for my new slave messege me! in
Looking for a Paypig ‼️‼️
Looking for a PAYPIG 💦‼️But if you want have fun , I’ma need something. 
I REALLY don’t got time for no FAKE SHIT.If you ain’t got the money then it’s no go for me. in
Cash meets
Closet sissy wimp looking for dominamt ladies for humiliating cash meets in
Financial Domme looking for sub
Domme with a severe money fetish looking for loyal subs. I enjoy assworhsip, foot worship, and humiliation. If interested send me a message. We will discuss your wants, needs, and limits. We will then come up with an agreement. in
here to drain your bank account
paypal: hahaoliviaaaa@gmail.com 19 year old brat, brunette with a great body. pay pigs..... send me something impressive on paypal and I MIGHT email you my snapchat or other contact information and reward you for your donation. open your wallet and spoil me I deserve it in
Satisfy me with the only thing you can give me... Money.
Financial Domination is all about my fetish of controlling your money and having you surrender it willingly to me... your fetish is surrendering to my will. Twitter: @TaintdDuplicity KIK: TaintedDuplicity Instagram: TaintedDuplicity I accept: Circle Pay/Google Pay/Amazon Giftcards: Goddessalirose@gmail.com Cash App: $TaintedDuplicity Venmo: @TaintedDuplicity I look forward to you serving me... in
18 Years Virgin Girl - Tight Pussy, Looking For Daddy Sexting Nudes * Videos *camshow*phone Sex <-- Discussion in 'Kik Messenger Nudes' started by VIRGIN.GIRL, Yesterday at 6:21 PM.
Hey I'm Britney 18/US. LOOKING for CashSlaves & sellllingg my personal pictures and videos. Plenty of variety from anal, pussy play, cumshots, squirting and loads more ! also I'm doing Sessions to. Cam Sex - Phone Sex - Sexting With live nudes. Not trade. !!!!!!!!!! Payment only!!!!!!! P a y p a l A m a z o n No time wasters. Will be BLOCKED!!!!! Only serious buuyerrs. Add me on KIK: girl4fun2018 in
trying to find loyal paypigs
i need your wallets emptied for me. only then do you get what i have to offer ;) i use both paypal and vemmo...send me a message on here first in
Here piggy piggy. Let me treat you right.
Pay me the way I deserve to be paid. Let me get to know you and your wallet. Want me to be mean? I’ll be as mean as you want. Want me to be nice? I’ll be sweet as sugar. Let’s make a bond you won’t forget. Kik: phoenixfirexxxx PayPal: phoenixfirexxxxx@gmail.com in
Lets get kinked
Kik Trixihurrican lets make a deal. Have a fetish let me help withthat in
ATMS And Paypigs
Happy New Year piggies!!!!! Make my year a great one. You can begin by paying me!!! https://cash.me/$lisastarr1 in
Piggy Needed!
Need someone to throw money at me just because I breathe, you owe it to me. I accept PayPal. Message me you pigs in
Looking for a REAL Paypig - Don't waste my time
I am looking for someone to pay tribute in return for utter humiliation. I am above you and you should BEG me to let you pay tribute. Here are some rules: 1. Have money to spend – no cheapasses, no broke losers, no wannabe paypigs. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. 2. Get on your knees – you will kneel in servitude during any interaction unless I say otherwise. 3. Refer to Me as GODDESS – Being a dominant female entirely superior to you, you must speak to Me with the respect I deserve at all times. 4. You will ask for permission to touch yourself – Do not think that you have the right to make these decisions for yourself. You are nothing but a money slave and a toy for My amusement. I am your money Goddess and you will show Me respect by asking if you are allowed. 5. You will ask permission to cum – I am entirely in control and I will decide when/if you are allowed any pleasure.This is dependent on whether or not you have pleased MY financial fetish of exploiting you like a money slave should be. 6. You will ask to be dismissed – Again, you must respect your financial mistress. Do not just disappear, say goodbye like a normal person, not some loser with zero social graces. I expect My slaves to be polite. 7. Always be respectful – If you piss Me off or annoy Me in any way, you will be blocked immediately. I refuse to waste My time on anyone broke, cheap, annoying, overly disgusting, defiant, rude or disrespectful. Don’t think I’ll hesitate for a second when it comes to blocking you. in
Arab Goddess
Arab mistress online hiring new financial slaves, only serious and generious men will be taken in consideration. I am available for webcam sessions almost every day, Virtual domination, feet fetish, verbal humiliation, cei, joi, sph, strapon, etc Skype: arabicmistress DO NOT ADD ME IF CAN'T AFFORD MY ME ! in
Let me be your dominatrix 😈
Come here piggy 🐷 let me make you feel like shit Kik: TabithaGray6987 in
new to this world
Looking for a real piggy get at me PayPal achilds1997@gmail.com let see who can send most ! in
Pay Pig daddies
Looking for a daddy that can send me some extra cash in
Looking For A Pay Pig To Rule
I’m looking for a pay pig to treat like daddy’s bank card, you think you’ve had dominantion before? No you haven’t. You’re about to meet your best nightmare. PayPal is paypal.me/SophieRose78 or sophie@ctportal.org. I’m ready to rule you pig, you ready to be ruled? in
Searching for Loyal Pay Pig
Someone who wants to be trained and be loyal to their master and her alpha. Someone who knows how to obey and can tribute(either $$ or gifts) daily. in Las Vegas
Hi losers. Looking for a new paypig. Someone serious no games. Comment below and I’ll give you my kik or Instagram 😏🙄 in
Come be my pay piggy loser
Looking for a stupid pay pig to give me everything I need and want. Let’s see if you are even worthy of my attention. Hurry up and give me my money. PayPal: Hannahcanning@outlook.com in
Ready to be a slave to a real queen?
Who’s going to satisfy me and get my attention by sending me some money, stop being such a stupid loser and satisfy your queen. PayPal: hannahcanning@outlook.com and my email is the same thing. in
Come YOU PAYPIGS. COUGH IT UP. DM ME on Twitter (NorthLDNDL) for Payment Info as I don't usually use this. in London
little piggies
Kik: Jazzybaybee6 Only add me if you're serious about it. in Leola
Looking for a paypig to take complete control over and access to all his money...cashapp...cash.me/$NikkiJ0308 in
Wheel of Tribute
If you enjoy gambling as well as being rinsed, Ms Laura has added a prize wheel to determine your tribute amt. https://www.mslaura.wIxsite.com/mysite in
Work to do
Almost to Columbus and time to relax. Send Ms Laura your essays, pics and tributes to mslaura54321@gmail.com in
Don't be scared
Kicking back and watching My sites activity. Don't be scared..make your #tribute & commit. https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite. #Findom #paypig #ServeMe in
Good morning all!
Busy week for Ms Laura again, as I am heading back on the road Thursday morning. Get your tributes and pics in to mslaura54321.wixsite.com/my site early. I will also be taking calls later today. in
Seeking RT service
I am not seeking prospects for RT service. http://shoutout.wix.com/so/fLbWkbBB in
Spoil me :)
Looking for a pay piggies or my personal atm... Make me happy and in return maybe i can make you happy. in Crawfordville
looking for a very loyal piggie
looking for that loyal piggie to give me their money support me and all my very many needs! only very serious piggies needed and wanted and asap! strictly innocent! ❤️️ in
On the road still. What a day. Time for some shopping therapy. Get those tributes in...Ms Laura needs a new pair of boots! in
Put up or shut up
Do you like My boots loser? They’re pretty hot, aren’t they? Especially on My long, sexy, shapely legs. I know you want to be down on your knees worshiping My boots. Licking them, cleaning the soles with your tongue, sucking My heel…. Lick them clean loser. It’s all that losers like you are good for. My boot licking bitches. That and your wallet. Without money I don’t give a fuck about you or how much you want to please Me. You crave the satisfaction of know you were contributing to My lifestyle. So just stop being a little bitch and put your money where your mouth is...right into My account. http://mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite in
Hey Piggy, Let's Talk....
Well piggy it's time to come and crawl to me, with your wallet open. Hand me all your cash, while you grovel at my feet. Do it now you loser pig!!!!!!!! Call me NOW piggy, and tell me what a loser pig you are...... 1-855-759-4477 Extension: # 2721 in Clearwater, Florida
Loyal and obienent paypig
Searching for new loyal and obienent paypigs to humiliate rinse and dominate don't waste my time and do NOT play games if you don't have your tributes dont bother Kik bossybaby4u twitter @bossybaby88 I'm in Vegas for a few days fyi so local piggies you know what to do in Denver
You are no longer a man, but a slave happily buried deep in erotic thoughts of how best to serve Ms Laura https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite in
Tell Ms Laura what a loser you are
Feeling like the worthless loser you are? Tell me all about it! 855-759-4477 Ext: 2720 #humiliation #sissy #femdomme #paypig #findom in
Hello Piggies
Piggies may contact me, but you must pay this Goddess. in Clearwater, Florida
☥I know you want my attention, but what are you willing to do to get it, you pathetic Fucking losers? ☥Tribute to start☥ ☥If it's in the single digits you can kiss this perfect Goddesses ass goodbye! ☥Mistress Ava is not amused by you broke fucking Fags! ☥If no tribute, start off by buying me something expensive off my wishlist, or sending a $50-$100 GC. ☥CirclePay- AvaSnow216@GodivaModels.com ☥Amazon GC- AvaSnow216@GodivaModels.com ☥Amazon Wishlist- https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2LDIRVYY9XXOX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_hSNbybNQ2DQCT ☥Twitter- Twitter.com/AvaSnow216 ☥Instagram- AvaSnow216 ☥Kik after you've paid me bitch- AvaSnow216 DON'T waste my god damn time. in Glendale
5GUARANTEED WEALTHY SUGAR MUMMY HOOK UP WHATSAPP +60149940116 Connect and meet with a wealthy sugar mummy or daddy that will spoil you with gifts and cash. sugar mummy pays you RM8,000 in cash per night. Register with zainah whatsapp +60149940116 and get connected immediately. in
I was just asked if I enjoyed inflicting pain. I believe they were trying to poke the bear. Lol. Honestly though, it is not so much about the infliction of pain as it is the expansion of boundaries. Or rather, preconceived boundaries. That is where I get my rush. Ready to expand? https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite in
I know how much you love to watch me walk in my stockings & heels. So you can run your tongue up my leg & pull my stiletto off nice & slow. https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite in
Welcoming new paypigs/slaves
I apologize for my recent absence, pigs. Ms Laura has had to undergo some major surgery recently and is still actually recuperating. But do not fear....I am healing well and ready to continue your ongoing torments. lol http://mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite Also, go to the tribute page and make your tributes. The Wish List is updated frequently...though $$$ is always most welcome. My latest paypig, sissy alana, has been busy doing his tasks and working hard to please his Mistress. It took him a while to get the pics to Ms Laura, as he is not the most tech savvy, but it is the thought that counts. I expect you all to do the same. Your Goddess will be resting this afternoon...make your tributes and call this evening. Ms Laura As of this evening, you can still speak with Me on My NiteFlirt line 1-800-863-5478 ext: 11107814 in
In search of a new sub
Mistress Nike here! I’m getting bored of my subs I have right now and I’m looking for a new one! I’m not like other dommes, I plan to treat you the way you deserve! Message me! Starting tributes are 15$ or we can get me gifts~ I have a feeling if your reading this then YOU know your money will look better on me . I’ll let you worship me! If you have s footfetish I will be even more happy to allow it, can even buy my used socks! in
Financial Domination Fetish (;
Goddess impatiently waiting on NEW CONSTANT Piggies to Drain! I’m in need of a new Pig to drain! If you feel worthy ..pay tribute to CASH APP ME $cocoabear01 and then inbox me for my guidelines. Hurry Now! i want to start with financial domination ,Used panties, pics, videos, GFE, sessions, ratings. Have you been a bad boy who needs to be punished? I can teach you a lesson you’ll never forget in
I'll hypnotize you and take full control of your mind, piggie.
I wanna watch you beg for giving it to me. I wanna watch while you throb, only by depositing money to me. I'll control your mind and make you my very own addicted money machine. Pm me. in Rio De Janeiro
1 hour left
1 hour to go... $150 at the top. Who's going to beat that? https://www.mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite/tribute #FinDom #femdom in
Good opportunity for your financial support.
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