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Posted 4 months ago by Looking for a Pet to train and drain his wallet.
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How to find your first Pet/Piggy

Here piggy piggy piggy. Hey, You may be wondering as a new dom how to find your first pet/piggy. There are lots of ways to go about it and Ill give you a few. 1. Put out a personals add. People look up classifieds on many different subjects and paid dom work is no exception. The sex classifieds is where to start(Yes Dom work is sex work) 2. Search on sugar daddy websites or research webcam hosting websites. Porn websites are great too. 3. When all else fails physically go out to swingers clubs or eccentric night parties and you can find your pets and piggys there. Thats all the advice I have for now. If your interested to know more please leave some feedback.
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