Prime Medical Clinic

There are several medical clinics in Oslo, but few of them offer medical foot therapy where they have education and experience in skin, nail, muscle and joint diseases / ailments.

Everyone with foot problems such as fungi, ingrown / ingrown nails, thorns, wart, diabetic and rheumatism feet, skin problems and those who have no illnesses but want to get a safe and preventative foot treatment is welcome with us.

We care about our clients and patients and put their well-being and needs first.

Our goal is to help our patients take good care of the skin and the health of their feet.

The idea behind our clinic was to create a place and an environment where everyone feels welcome and where they can get the best treatment based on their needs. For us, it is important to build a good one relationship with our clients. We work hard to provide our best service, latest technology and keeps us updated with new information and knowledge according to today's requirements.

Feel free to contact us to book an hour +47 21 90 2002 or book an hour on ours online booking.
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