Decentralized Services

Decentralized means that the data you post is stored encrypted and mirrored on many computers worldwide
If one computer is taken down another one takes over to safe and serve your data. complete control and complete privacy
By now pretty much everyone knows about the censoring and shadowbanning on centralized services like twitter etc
If you havent been as successful on these services, it might be not because of you, it might be that you were shadowbanned and you dont even know it
you might have to be a little bit patient with saving and retrieving on decentralized services in comparison to centralized services as your data is being replicated takes more time now supports the following decentralized services:

Bitclout is an alternative to twitter and other social networks
go to bitclout now to create your profile Bitclout and once you are finished with your setup you can add your bitclout username on duno

Skyfeed is an alternative to twitter and other social networks
To create a skyfeed account you need a Sky ID and then login to skyfeed with that ID then allows you to list your skyfeed account with your profile so people can discover your content
Skyfeed also has an Android App APK

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. The number one cryptocurrency worldwide. Nobody can censor it or take it down

if you want to share large files with friends use skysend:

Session is a massive encrypted privacy messenger...

SkyFeed Backup
Skyfeed backup to backup all your skyfeed data

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