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need a man?

1 month ago by Muhammad80
in student · Kuala Lumpur · Malaysia
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ill serve nicely and ill do anything
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Goddess is awake & ready..
http://xoxoangelrosexo.tumblr.com/post/151749831654/goddess-is-awake-ready-to-start-the-day-by in
Content what is an Education pls lets discus in Accra
Marsaan kun afaan oroomotin kun kan isiinif barraahu yeroo tahuu dhimmoota bashaannansisa fi seena namoota beekkamoo fi qirqiirfatafadha kan barraahu. in
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What's up?
I have a bussy and hectic day for this month and i'm sorry guys coz i don't post anything in this forum. So, what's up? Wanna tell me about your day? i'll love to know it. Have a great day πŸ˜‰ in Jakarta
What do you do on weekend?
Weekend should be a great time for us to rest our body and mind. So, let me know, what is your favourite activity on weekend? That can be an inspiration for the another person on their next weekend right? Have a great day πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ in Jakarta
Hi guys. How's life? Hope that you all in a great condition. I wanna ask you, what do you think about karma? Is it really exist in out life, or it just a hoax? Happy sharing! πŸ˜‰ in Jakarta
What is your morning activities?
There's a lot of thing that people do in the morning. Checking their smart phone, watching tv, or praying. So, tell me please. What is your daily morning activities? Have a great day and spread the love :) in Jakarta
Today is all about me!
Am so grateful for am a year older today..Happy birthday to me..waiting for wishes from duno members and team mates in Ekiti
shout out
I wanna make a shout out to everyone on Duno... Goodmorning.... And do have a splendid day! in Ekiti
African fashion
What's your view about African fashion?? in Ekiti
I ❀️ scary movies!
I've always loved scary movies. The scarier the better. I want to jump out of my seat and scream. I resent read a study that was inquiring why and what benefits scary/thriller movies have on the viewers. Apparently watching scary/thriller movies relieves and releases stress through the fear and anxiety of watching a flick. Very cool huh? So if your stressed, climb into some comfies with your special someone and scream and jump away!!! Studies prove its great for it!!! So BOO! Hope you have a wonderful stress free day! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜± in Toronto
Medical marijuana???
What do you think? I have serious health issues and I want to try this alternative to man-made medications. Legally though. in Toronto
Good Day All!!
Just want to stop in and good morning!! Hope you all have a fabulous day, every morning is a new start... Enjoy it. Smile, love, live, and laugh. in Toronto
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Content how did sex come about in this world and it is good to have when you are not married in Accra
_ask me anything.
_ask me anything. in Makati
Spoil me
PAY PIG WANTED in Los Angeles
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take my cash
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I need a rich paypiggy who will spoil me.....Gat to pay some bills
Here piggy piggy!! I'm looking for someone to pay big time! Make my new year luxurious in Abuja
Paypigs wanted or sugar daddy 😈
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Night of Insomnia
Sleep eludes me tonight and last night! Counting sheep, meditation, warm milk, chamomile tea, just nothing will work. Tonight will be a coma sleep!!! in Toronto
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What do you think?
What do you think about sex before married and abortion? Yay or nay? Have a gread day guys πŸ˜‰ in Jakarta
How do you delete an account?
I can't find where to delete an account. in
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looking for my mistress
mistress only if your the bitchy type, come show me how to spend this money fuck my wallet empty text me now 3202798372 in California
sugar baby
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sugar mummies
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Pay Pig Needed 🐷
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Indonesian member(s)
Is there any member from Indonesia here? in Jakarta
For those still awake...Ms Laura is seeking a full time submissive. You may see details on My site. mslaura54321.wixsite.com/mysite in
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