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Sound fx from https://www.locutortv.com/voice-over-spanish-voice-over-services-spanish-voice-over-actor-spanish-voices/
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I know I'm too hot for you. Better to dream than to cry over your limp dick.
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erm hope you ok miss an having a nice week im ian henson and my emails are ianhenson@mail.com an ianhenson605@gmail.com is that ok for you Reply
erm not done much before,i try not to upset anyone really,erm will you need all my info everything so i not keeping anything from you miss rose,i just get flustered in front of women thats all,past stuff i guess,will i be of any use to you at all and erm what is best for me to do Reply
I will tell you more about myself when i get your reply OK.
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Looking for sexy pigs
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Hello beautiful are you interested in being my sugar baby and get paid $3000 weekly I’m not asking you for nudes or dirty talks just got you to keep my company but I really appreciate this you’re a wonderful and beautiful woman I’ll treat you good Give me a text on WhatsApp +1(202)905-2113 or text me on KIKi at ...stevelleesheppardh3f Reply

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