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"I'm not a sugarbaby for this forum. I'm not interested in being "loyal" or "trustworthy" for an online dumbass. You will either address me through sight of Findom to relinquish what's in your wallet or stay the hell out of my inbox. " @ScottieDomme (update)

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FunScottie (@ScottieDomme)

(Profile ID: #4573)
Memphis · USA
Collecting subs to stumble into my dollhouse by giving tributes & become part of my slutty doll collection. Do not use social media because that's only for my personal life, not my private life.
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Random Thoughts...
Why do the so called Sugardaddies never ask of you to call them? Only text kik or WhatsApp them but never wants to hear your voice. Also what real SD puts his info on display like that? I've met & dealt with paypigs subs IRL & sugardaddies. These profiles here are damn jokes.
3 weeks ago

The beauty of Online Submission
The sooner you beautiful pathetic crabs learn, the quicker you will understand that online Dommes are not required to uplift you or baby you. There's nothing attentive about us. Your job as pigs or what we love to call walking human ATMs; is to give to us for simply existing to make your life a warm and cozy blue balled living hell as you jerk your cocks until they turn pirple from our very existence. Now as time goes on and you degenerate needy fucks think you deserve more... that's the cue to get the fuck offline and live in reality. Until then my petty ducks may my words plant loving kisses across your sad shitty eyes. Now waddle your danty bitch fingers across your screen to your account and send to me at $ScottieDomme on Cash App or Venmo L8r my dolls🤑🦋🖤
1 month ago

Scams far & wide
Is it me or is it no matter what forums or websites Daniel Travolto creates a supreme amount of online scammers follow? I mean I've never seen such a huge amount of fake followers and accounts using the same one liners.
2 months ago

Longing for the Servitude of Mankind
Has any Dommes found subs in Memphis? My sibs are all out of states or over seas. Some come to visit me when told or when they beg. I just don't see this lifestyle being lived out locally here. Such a bible belt city filled with judgemental middle class people.
2 months ago

I am FunScottie and new in Memphis Forum
feel free to write me (FunScottie) here in the Memphis Forum
1 year ago

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Memphis USA
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