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Duno.com Review
i love duno.com :-)
written by danji
Huawei P20 Lite Review
i kind of liked the phone but then realized battery life is way too short
written by danji
Hepays.com Review
excellent dating website for findoms & paypigs. many findommes are happy on it
written by danji
Tinder Review
its a pretty well designed app but the amount of unfriendly or low quality people in there is insane. i guess like any dating app
written by danji
Binance Review
at first i thought binance is really good. but then i realized a lot of the comissions like option premiums are not calculated in the PNL which means you have to do it in your head. so be very careful. i traded an account up a bit just to see they had "hidden" fees and i was raking up minus.
written by danji
Hepays Review
really good website for findom paypig and financial domination overall. daily around 500 people register
written by danji
Twitter Review
twitter constantly logs me out and asks for verification on my phone number.. what a shitty company. once should be sufficient if at all. then it says: "You are unable to follow more people at this time." WTF
written by danji
Facebook Review
i think its a good system but something didnt sit with me well so i deleted it
written by danji
Instagram Review
way too superficial for my taste but its well programmed apart from some features missing
written by danji
Tiktok Review
for older people waste of time
written by danji
Hepays Review
Great app to meet ppl from around the world
written by Sindiloper

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