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starting in findom - how to become a findomme

1 year ago by Daniel Eder
in findom
owner duno.com and spiritual teacher/healer · Gröbenzell · Germany
Spiritual teacher: www.danieleder.com
the best way is to register on duno.com
and follow the categories and tags
#paypig and see how your competition does it :-)
To Activate links: Just Signup to Duno
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Alexa Sanchez @FinDomLexxi93 FinDom. I'm looking for PayPigs to pay me their dues ;) You won't be disappointed. 1 week ago
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I am trying to do this. Thank you for the advice.
-- From SexyLexxi
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Daniel Eder @travolto owner duno.com and spiritual teacher/healer 1 month ago
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also https://www.hepays.com is a great site to start findom
Spiritual teacher: www.danieleder.com
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Daniel Eder @travolto owner duno.com and spiritual teacher/healer 1 year ago
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you should also check out http://www.hepays.com perfect way to start in findom and become a domina
Spiritual teacher: www.danieleder.com
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Old loser looking for a domme
If you are interested in using me please contact me or on Kik at OldSubLoser in New Jersey
Mistress bnewman838 kik me
Kik me bnewman838 Panties and other used clothing Pictures and videos Access to my PornHub Sexting, dirty talk, skype and teamviewer Domination, Humiliation, Sexting Anything else you want. in BIRMINGHAM
Give in
You'll never have me, but you can at least make yourself useful. Get to it. in
Interested is getting fucked Up by a sexy Dominant Chick? Hit me up on KiK LILHENTAI69 in New Rochelle
Alpha Male 21
Hey cocksuckers. Here to use and abuse old white fags who are beneath me. Pay up. Kik: idkryan6. Skype: sleezehead in
Paypig Expectations
I’m a former paypig who stopped serving because of how much debt I was getting into. But now I feel so lost without an owner. Is it expected I should go deeper in debt if necessary to serve a superior? in Philadelphia
Accepting Pay Piggies
Your every thought is me, you must serve me. I crave to have you underheath my heel. Dont feel scared or intimidated to message me piggies, kik; sylliac Kik me for further information on becoming my slave and walking atm. in
Bow down bitches
I figured I would grace you ungrateful with my presence and the opportunity to compete to become my paypig. Yes it's a competition since most of you are unworthy anyway. Enter your lowlifes into the competition by sending me $100 to PayPal.com/firstladyluxury and message me your info for a personalized message from me. in Killeen
Is this a financial domination site?
I'm a retired financial paypig just joined here. I have limited income but feel a strong need to serve a superior. in Philadelphia
Goddess Mia looking for you
I'm looking for my first fin sub. Unique chance. Go follow my twitter account @miafindom in
Looking for goddess
Young and making good money I need someone to spoil Kik:mgm10595 in
starting in findom - how to become a findomme
the best way is to register on duno.com twitter.com and follow the categories and tags #findom and #paypig and see how your competition does it :-) in Gröbenzell
Looking for a devoted slave
i am a goddess looking for a worthless pig to let me drain him and his wallet. Must be willing to do anything i say!! Message me on the following: Twitter: @yourqueenlau tumblr: findomqueenlau kik: 9laurak in
Looking for someone to dominate ;)
I’m looking for a submissive to dominate and make my royal bitch! 😛 Snapchat me @oliviamurray89 in
In search of being spoiled
Id really like to buy myself a toy but I don't have the money for it, someone spoil this mistress in
Princess 👑 seeking paypig/slave
Looking for a loyal pay pig to worship me! Treat me! And give me all your well earned cash 💰 in
Findom Brat With Teamviewer and Kik Session Available
I am a Goddess and I need to be served. Prove that you are worthy of my attention with a tribute--the bigger, the more likely you are to win my attention. I am opening up teamviewer rinsing sessions and kik rinsing sessions to those interested. Twitter: @AngelicDomme Kik: AngelicDomme Circle Pay/PayPal: angelicdomme98@gmail.com @Impress_Me_Hun on twitter paypal.me/Crynime PrettyFckinPrincess on Kik in
where can i find paypigs? i want to start with financial domination
if you want to start with financial domination go to www.hepays.com its the best place to start in Munich
Ways to Tribute
My previous owner I served buying prepaid cards and gift cards to give her the information. in Philadelphia
Sissy Bitches and Cash Pigs
you know why you're here scanning the classified. you know you have desires you can't fulfill on your own. you know you're incomplete. I can fix that. cash.me/$btmbtm @domitheytrix make a tribute and come find me on twitter/ig in
Pretty Ebony Brat
Fun black findomme looking for new subs to mind fk. I’m what you imagine in your wet dreams. You’ll soon be addicted 😈. in
Goddess looking for new subs.
I’m looking for new subs willing to tribute on time and worship me like I deserve. I cater to most, if not all, fetishes. I’m understanding but do not walk all over me. I will put you in your place. Kik: gypsybabe798 I use Venmo and Circle Pay. in
findom tricks & tips
findom tricks & tips what are the best findom tips? in Gröbenzell
thick princess looking for new finsubs!
hello! i am a sweet, caring findom who isn’t afraid to get aggressive. if anyone is looking for a findom at this time, let me know! kik: littleri95 skype: littleri95 paypal (tributes are encouraged but not required): paypal.me/ri98 let’s chat and set something up. xo in
Princess needs paypig
I have bills to pay, tests to take, and luxuries to be taken care of, but I still need you're money! So come on, if you're worthy that is! in
Findom Princess Here
Hi there, I know you work hard for your money, I know how it makes you feel to have all that control, but have you ever thought of giving it all up to a goddess worthy of worshiping? I'm accepting new paypigs and I'm available twenty four seven, question is, are you willing to prove you're worth my time? Don't waste it. @Impress_Me_Hun on twitter paypal.me/Crynime PrettyFckinPrincess on Kik in
Petite Punk Financial Dominatrix
Petite findom looking to ruin some piggies. Get on your knees and kiss my feet all while I count your.. I mean MY money. Lets play piglets. in
Bow down and have fun
You like getting your wallet drained? You know your a worthless loser who needs to be rinsed? I'm the perfect Queen for you. Let's talk Kik: xQueenVanessax in
Looking for my first paypig to serve me.
Do you think you have what it takes? Do you wanna show me how much I deserve? New mistress wanting a slave to bow down to me. My kik is gypsyquartz in
Paypig/Finsub Wanted!
I'm looking for short term and long term paypigs and finsubs. I'm a financial Dom. No timewasters. in
Financial Dominatrix seeking for a loyal finsub.
20. Financial dominatrix. Breaking hearts and bank accounts since 98' Do not approach without any tribute. My preferred payment method are Boohoo gift vouchers : Boohoo.com/giftcert to queencamillee@gmail.com. Kik : camm2205 & Twitter : @goddesssarah7 in
Hey piggy’s tweet me Goddesslove20 in
Need a paypig
If you want my attention, money talks louder than begging. Send tribute and you have my attention. in Springfield
Bow down before me
You are incomplete without me 👌😍 in
Goddess Seeking slaves
Hello you pathetic losers GoddessAnnaaB Here! I am Looking for some new slaves to come and worship me! I want to take control of everything and make you cower beneath me! So come and serve me you pathetic little Losers! Take a look at my website for more information! http://findomannabelle.wixsite.com/goddessannaab Or you can contact me via my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/goddessannaab/ in Gainsborough
Looking For Loyal PayPig For Vixen Mistress
Mistress of findom looking for a loyal #paypig #sugardaddy #finsub #finslave to worship me. I love foot fetish and hate time wasters. Contact me on KiK @ VIXENBOSS in
Every mentally evolved man is designed by the great goddess to serve the FEMALE SEX ,with reverence, egoless humility ,absolute sincerity and unflailing commitment. Only the most deserving and intelligent of the male sex will be capable of realizing that the highest route to supreme sexual XTC is through the reverence and worship of the great goddess through her earthly form as (THE HUMAN FEMALE). Focusing on the females pleasure and satisfaction above a mans own is a basic tenet of TANTRIC and TAOIST eroticism. Both centuries old teachings on human sexuality. Sadly western culture is not in tune with this model. Mistress goddessa desires to create a fantastical playground where men will worship women as the religion it truly is. Men in strip joints become intoxicated by the power of beauty and pussy. They are reenacting the centuries old ritual of worshipping the divine in the female. However in strip establishments women are often not given the true respect and awe they deserve. This is why goddessa desires to create a GODDESS COMMUNE. A place that will encapsulate the following ideas. Worship of the divine female, acknowledgement of the males destiny to serve the female sex willingly, nudism, raw food, vegetarianism, bdsm, pagan rituals, group sex, sexual healing, uninhibitedness, soul healing, nature worship, living off the land, enlightenment, group acceptance, family, love, playfulness, co housing, resource pooling for enhanced living standard, massage, yoga, exercise, health, tai chi, psychic renewal, energy healing, wellness, paganism w/o dogma, poetry, music, acting, dance, painting, art of all forms. lesbianism, exploration of female domination over willing males. Godessa seeks to create her goddess-cult on a pristine piece of land, preferably near a water source, near crystalline pure air from thick old woods, with coyotes that howl for the moon mother when she is full. On our goddess retreat we will have all form of domestic livestock, and exotic pets( kept as pets or for eggs and milk). Male slaves will tend to all animal and agricultural jobs and preparation of foods. Delivering fresh wholesome foods to their goddess' rooms or out in a natural spot as the goddess meditates with the ecstatic energy that can heal our planet. There will be goddesses of all ages and races. Each male will be assigned to serve both his personal goddess and the goddess commune as a whole. Some men will serve as 24/7 slaves completely committed others will serve for sessions or at certain times by which their employment and personal lives allow. Men will always pay monetary tribute so that no goddess need squint her brow in distress over finances. The commune will host large ecstatic private rituals, have a goddess temple erected from stone and wood with a glass ceiling, goddess figures will adorn the walls and statues. large incense pyres will puff, outdoor showers where slaves lather down their goddess. and ready them for ritual. rituals will hark from ancient goddess traditions to more modern themed forms of goddess reverence. hallucinogens such as mushrooms or xtc may be used to enhance the mystical nature and release inhibition. Sage and other herbs will be used and drank. natural clothing from fur and leather and exquisite semi-precious stones will be used to channel healing and love onto the earth plane. drummers and various musicians will play feverishly. A large bonfire will illuminate this orgy of enlightenment, all play will be safe, sane and within agreed upon limits. belly-dancers will dance, males will also dance and perform for their goddess amusement. poetry and scripture (of all world religions) will be read. Mistress Goddessa wishes to make this fantasy a reality. in
you can now get to number one position on duno.com
you can now get to number one position on duno.com with your post by paying with 20 cents for example. just get a bit of gold :-) i will update payment options today in Gröbenzell
Cash slaves 21 alpha
Needing fags to shame into submission. Your wallets mine now Kik: idkryan6. Skype: sleezehead in
findom forum
i created a findom forum here.. feel free to post in Gröbenzell
Art Goddess Searching For Her Most Loyal Little Piggie ❤️
Hey there, little piggies. I'm Kiera, I'm about to be 23, and I'm a part time art major in the ever wild land of Los Angeles. I'm looking for a daddy or a sub that I can get my fill ($$$) from. I want someone who's in it for the fetish and is willing to be loyal to his goddess-- me. I want the be the only goddess in your world. I want you to lick my heel, hand me my cash, and I want you to know that I'm loving every second of your humiliation too. Come and get my attention, babies. Let me be your artistic goddess. I'll paint your every dream... And even your favorite nightmares. ❤️ in Los Angeles
Call Your Goddess
Call me and spoil me with your cash!! You know a girl like me deserves to be spoiled don't you? It's you job to spend all your hard earned money on me. All of my daddies do just that, and now you are gonna be one of those daddies too. So call me and tell me how much you love spending your money....... http://pillow-whisper.com/Listings/ViewListing.aspx?listing=2727 1-855-759-4477 Ext: 2727 in
At 3pm EST today, Ms Laura will be doing live sub screenings via Skype. DM Me for instructions on how to get your interview in. in
Where are you worthless guys at. in
Hello, MichaelaBradford here UK Findomme. I am looking for new genuine paypigs. I have been doing this many years and verified on quite a lot of sites if you would like to research me and check I am genuine. I love many various fetishes and also offer paid cam and phone sessions. If you would like to tribute I accept UK Giftcards or circle which can be sent to michaelabradford@aol.com I hope to hear from you all soon. in Bradford
want to feel like a useful piggie?
https://www.amazon.com/gp/gc/gcf/viewcart/ref=gcui_d_e_atc_sb_m_b_i $50 dollars of your hard earned cash straight to this beauties hands. your manhood and wallet will now be mine. put your money to genuine great use in
My WANTS are your financial goals! Become addicted to Me!
Do you crave total control of your finances? Do you want to be told how to live your life? Do you want to give your hard earned money to a Goddess who deserves it, while you only get an allowance to live on? Step into my web of financial control. You will keep coming back for more. I am like a drug that you can't stop. It only takes one time and you will be addicted. in Hell
I deserve your hard earned money
Taking new subs. Drain your account to the most deserving goddess. Kik abbyfem. in
very hot findomme mistress domina
one of the hottest findomme mistress dominas on twitter https://twitter.com/spoiled_marie3 in Gröbenzell
best place to discuss anything about findom.

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