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Posted 2 months ago by Goddess Mystisa
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Dig deep in your pocket piggies! Surprise my cash app deposit what I’m worth to you. The deeper the wetter I mean the better ? this dom needs new toys boys!!! At this point In game to give you one pleasurable demand your wish Is my command if you pay your dues and lick my boot heel and submit. I need a sub! Show your stuff off mmmmm!

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Ian Henson @ianhenson driver 2 months ago
would i be of any use to you at all miss Mystisa,i am so sorry if i have disturbed you if your busy miss ,i just thought would send you email erm hope your ok miss ,erm i am ian henson,i was 38 0n march 27th,i have short brown hair,blue eyes i am only
5ft 7ins tall and a bit over medium build,my email is,would i be of any use to you t all.i am not very good looking really and have erm
very low esteem an try and respect everyone really,best way isnt it,i dont like to upset anyone really.
i was fosterd out alot when i younger and always had to do things like cleaning an stuff,i was just
a bit slow an forgetfull thats all an used to call me simple an things.mum an aunty ern made sure i behaved
an stuff an said always better for me to be repectful an do as told.i dont have any friends really coz i more of
a loner i guess.they always used to pick on me an stuff.i do have a step sister michelle henson an she used to
be ok with me,but dont think she likes me much now,i worry coz she say going tell everyone bout me when i was
younger,not fair really.her email is only have a few contacts but erm can give you
them so you know i not keeping anything from you,would i be of any use to you at all erm just get embarressed an
that easily,i just inadequate at times but try not to upset anyone
ian henson
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Goddess Mystisa @GoddessMystisa MOM by Day/DOM by Night 2 months ago
If you really want to prove anything to me then or your money where your mouth is and be a good little boy and shower me with riches open your cash app and send me money to $WDROUNDY because I need to buy pretty things! I’ll be your mommy!
The things I’d love to do to you. Make it rain in my Shorts and in my deep pockets! Make me happy and please me do as I say and I promise you’ll never forget me. Here piggy piggy oink oink in my pink! $Justwendypls
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