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I am a model who wishes to show the world that having flaws and scars are ok




I am a disabled model based out of Arizona and would love to empower other models that have issues they are dealing with shine
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The ongoing Battle for SSI (social security supplement income)
I have been permanently disabled for many years and still fighting tobger my SSI I have not been able to hold a steady job in over 10 years and it is very difficult to make ends meet.
2 years ago

Finding out you have a congenital defect
I have recently found that I have a congenital defect in my neck that is related to many disorders or syndromes. I am scared to death to find out more info.
2 years ago

Model bullies
I have recently found that most bullies are those you gain a "friendship" with and will screw you over faster than anyone. So beware who you befriend!!!
2 years ago

Daith piercing for migraine relief
I am getting this piercing done next month after many months of research :) I am suffer of chronic migraines and all the looking and info I have found has made my mind up.... Who else had heard of this?
2 years ago

Pros and cons to healing with cannabis
I am not a narcotic fan at all and lived in a legal state for a while and well while living there I was pain free and felt I am unmedicated and well I am always in pain.... Do you think it should be legalized on a national or global stance?
2 years ago

Time Travel
Of it was possible what year would you want to see? - me I would want to go to the year I had my heart surgery and help them find a easier way to do it
2 years ago

Pain and suffering of a disabled model
I am seriously gating this I can't gobs day without pain or headaches....I am looking into getting my dialth pierced to see if it will help with the migraines but need natural remedies for pain. And some that won't break the bank to find.
2 years ago

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