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Bitch Goddess (@CeceGoddess)

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· United States
I have enough time to write a decent about me now so...

We have all the time in the world to talk about me once you hit that message button but here are the basics

- I'm a 20 year old full time Uni student in the Philippines

- I'm taking up Applied Economics Major in Industrial Economics, qualifying for a high cut off rate in my college (let me flex a little)

- I intend to use my Economics degree as a pre-law since I'm interested in getting into corporate law. This would allow me to then practice my expertise in both business and law (two subjects I'm very interested in) when I'm done with everything, but then again, there's also a chance that I'd get lazy after taking up my bachelors degree (fingers crossed that I don't)

- Despite having goals that I want to achieve, I never forget to live in the now. Wouldn't want to miss what's happening around me at the present. My favorite things to do outdoors are hike and go surfing, and indoors, well, I enjoy simple nights in with pizza and a tub of ice cream and just getting downtime from workload (cooking's hardly an option in Uni for me)

- I look pretty asian, but people tend to say otherwise. I'm Fil-Chinese.

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