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Steps to Increase Replacement Laptop Battery Lifespan
Your laptop’s battery life can have a major impact if not care properly, Li-ion batteries are commonly used batteries around all devices. With the rise in technology, the life of the laptop batteries is degrading because with modern features these batteries are degrading at a faster speed. Although there are few important measures that can help to give a better battery backup. Here in this article, we will focus on a few essential steps that can help to gain the life of your laptop battery. Reduce Brightness Reduce the brightness of the screen. A bright screen consumes a lot of power from the laptop battery. It takes a lot of power to show the colors on an LCD screen. Moreover, some older laptops have fluorescent backlights that take a lot of power. The latest models of laptops have LED powered backlights which also consumes a good amount of power from the battery. You could save 30 minutes of the battery life by setting a low brightness level. This can be done with the help of shortcuts on your keyboard. Change battery saver settings Change to battery saver setting. Changing from a balanced setting to a power saver setting adds a few more minutes to your laptop’s battery life. You could also do the settings for the laptop to turn off after a few minutes. You can also set the laptop to sleep if there if kept idle for five or ten minutes. Advanced power settings allow you to change settings like when should the system hibernate, and also set the power-saving feature for selected components. In the case of Windows 10, you can simply click on the battery icon on the bottom right corner of your laptop screen, a pop up opens wherein you can make adjustments to the battery saver settings. You can also check which app is draining most of the battery power and put those apps to sleep and have them automatically turn on by ticking in the checkbox. Disable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. As Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios consume a lot of power, it is a good idea to disable them when not in use. To disable Bluetooth, you will find the option right at the Start menu and select the option. Unplug if charged Unplug the laptop battery as soon as it gets fully charged. Lithium-ion batteries have a built-in mechanism wherein they do not get overcharged. However, leaving a laptop on charge for a long time even after it is completely charged can affect the battery life in the long run. Avoid full discharge Smaller the depth of discharge, longer will be the battery life. In the case of lithium batteries, there is no memory effect and hence, there is no requirement for complete discharge cycles for longer battery life. Buy a specific charger In the case of Li-ion batteries, always buy a Li-ion battery specific charger. Charging a Li-ion battery with any other kind of charger can affect the battery life, or sometimes even damage the battery. For example, if you are using a Li-ion battery, you must only charge it with a charger compatible with Li-ion battery. This improves battery performance. Charge before it dies It is advisable that you replace the battery before it dies completely. For example, Li-ion batteries are meant to 5 to 7 years under normal circumstances. However, waiting for it to completely die could result in losing CMOS settings and configuration information. With the above information, it is clear that there are still a few options; your laptop battery can give the long-lasting performance.
7 months ago

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