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"I've had my time wasted on these sites. I have people prove to me they wont waste my time. I ask for a one time payment to my cash app $JEL1977 just to prove you are real. I've found people who are real do as I ask and people who are fake dont. I wont just give out my number until I know you are real and want to build something" @JL (update)

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Velvet69kitty (@JL)

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Money motivates me, let's see what kind of trouble we can get into. But money talks send first before and communication starts. Cash app $JEL1977
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Looking for people who will invest in me
I have ideas to make money, but I need help. I need money to make money. If anyone out there is willing to help a girl out by investing some money i would appreciate it. Send what ever you can afford to my cash app: $JEL1977. any amount welcome.
7 months ago

Invest in me
I have life goals but need help funding them. I'm not sharing my ideas right now because I dont want my ideas stolen. But if you will invest in me, i will give all donors a cut when my dreams become a reality. I take donations on cash app. And if you put some trust in another human and donate, I will need your name and number so when my ideas launch I can contact you with your cuts and give you a huge thank you. Cash app: $JEL1977
7 months ago

Show me the money
I'm not going to sugar coat anything. Fell on hard times and could use a temporary monetary fix. Need a little help. If you can spare some extra money send it to my cash app $JEL1977. All monetary help will be used to pay utilities I fell behind on and a vehicle repair. Please help and thank you.
7 months ago

I'm looking to see who will send donations my way just because they can. Send to cash app $Jel1977
7 months ago

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