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"Hello! Come one,come all!!! subs,cash piggies,human ATMs,sugar mommies and sugur daddies!!! The red rose is blooming in the desert again! please come follow,spoil,worship,idolize,and submit to me vermin!!! If you do,cooperate you will be stepped on and dominated and caressed by me,with my soft velvet petals but strong ,thick stem of thorns will stab and suck you dry of ALL reality that isn't I Desert Rose👑🌈💘🌵 🌹 💋" To be honest REAL TALK!!! I have NEVER been spoiled a day in my life! I have NO clue what it is like to have money,to go to nice restaurants,to be able to buy what I want and not JUST what I NEED! I've NEVER owned a vehicle or had a place of my own! I've NEVER entered foot into a sephora,ULTA,or ANY name brand clothing or jewelry store! Never have I gotten my hair done and high lighted at a salon or my nails done.... NOTHING! 🤷🏻‍♀️" (update)
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Kota Bear (@LildomLilsubDesertRose)

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Pheonix · United States
Im not interested in being pursued sexually or offering sex or nothing like that really! Unless I find you attractive in that way... but am okay with video calling,photos,videos,and things like that! I want a HUMAN ATM to be at my beck and call!!! And when I want to buy something,automatically the funds ARE there NO EXCUSES, NO STAULING, only electronic transfering the money to my account. At great benefit, the morning you make me happy, I will spoil you too.... May buy and send you a personalized gift or other. Would love a sugur Daddy,sugur Mommy,or anyone that would like to show me what it's even like to be stress free for ounce and genuinely happy financially!

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I am Kota Bear and new in Pheonix Forum
feel free to write me (Kota Bear) here in the Pheonix Forum
4 months ago

Here piggy, piggies! ┌(┌^o^)┐ My name is mistress DesertRose, I am in need of a cash pig, findom, human ATM, get off by giving me money and making me happy abouve ALL else! NO EXCUSES, NO WAITING, NO GAMES only electric transfer!!!! However because I have a sweet side I won't only take GREAT pleasure in spending your money but buy you customized gifts for you occasionally as well;) PLEASE INBOX or MESSAGE for info, details, and Q&A.
9 months ago

I am Kota Bear and new in Glendale Forum
feel free to write me (Kota Bear) here in the Glendale Forum
9 months ago

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