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Miss Neiu's info for Subs/pets/slave etc..
I prefer to go by Miss Neiu, Personally, I am unconventional, open and dominate by nature. I'm gentle in leading but controlling when it is needed. I can be strict, direct and terrible at small talk. I enjoy deep, probing conversations that demonstrate a certain sense of intelligence and vulnerability. Because of this, I tend to cut right through all the noise to see if we even connect enough to go this far. This does balance out with my sweet, nice side. I have a wide variety of interests, in fetishes and life alike. And I will do my best to list a few at the end of this. I'd say, for me, I'm looking for someone who knows about the lifestyle. Even if it is just the basics (as long as they are open to understanding it fully in relation to me). Someone intelligent, sweet, attentive and does with out being lead at times. Someone who wants what they will have with me, not someone doing it just because... Someone devoted, loyal and kind, who speaks politely and with manners. And someone who brings more to the table than their desire to simply serve. I'd like to have someone who wants to be apart of my realm. If you think this may be you and also find interest in mine, and what I offer, feel free to DM me here. Interests(roughly): •Exploring fetishes (most listed) •Food •Anime •Beautiful things •Animals •Books •Holistic health •The alternative •Metaphysics •Connection •Knowledge •Elegance *Special interests in female subs and femmy bois My fetishes (What pleases me/what I like to do): •Owner •Dominate •Findom •Femdom •Manipulation •Exhibitionist •Role play •Humiliation •Switch (this is rarely in play) Offer: •A home (physical/metaphorical/ spiritual) •Ownership •Domination •Roles •Rules •Tasks •Pictures •Videos •Time •Attention •Knowledge •Sessions (phone/limited video/only in person if you come to me) --All personalize to the individual and our relationship and our connection/trust level etc..-- Fetishes accepted: •Foot/stocking/panty •Bodyworship •Ebony •Role play •Findom •Femdom •Pet •Slave •Servant •Humiliation (some) •Manipulation •Cuckholding ***Hard Limits**** •Blood •Scat •Incest •Animal (k9 but also any animal) •Forced intox **subject to grow** COMMUNICATION IS KEY I can be very compromising, open to changing something or tweaking it to better suit our relationship but.. I can't fix what I don't know about. Regardless of your title (slave, sub, pet etc..) you are always welcome to ask legitimate questions or raise any concern. I'd like a happy home❤
1 week ago

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