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If you aren't ready to relinquish all control over to me and open your wallets and let me drain you dry then don't bother because I won't! The ONLY way you will get my attention is thru your generous tributes and gifts you send. Worship your controlling goddess or reap the consequences! Special Skype session for the most generous pigs!


Self employed/findom


The only thing you need to know about me is where to send your tributes and how to please me!
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Annoyed with wasting time
I'm 100% real and can verify that so don't waste my time it's to valuable and i have more important shit to do. Either be legit or gtfo plain and simple. I'm about to just say fuck you all!
1 year ago

For those that wish to serve
Follow my Twitter and ask for an application I have no time for games fakes or timewasters all new slaves must apply ti be considered. Humiliation blackmail degredatation chasity sissy teamviewr skype kik live sessions I'm the kne you dream about and the one that you feae the most. Prepare to be controlled in everything you say and do you work for me to be happy and spend your money. Worship pay and obey losers don't forget who you live to please
1 year ago

Anyone not fake and full of shit????!!!??
Tired of fake ass wannabes that just Spam my inbox and don't keeo their word I have few subs now because i do t havr time for fake ass games. If you say you will do something then do it! Don't waste my time it's to valuable and I won't let it be wasted anymore!
1 year ago

Losers make me smile
Thats right i get enjoyment out of pathetic losers like you. On Your knees and crawl begging for my time and attention. Broke pigs need not apply I have no patience tribute and follow it I wint even bother. Be good piggyy and do as your told.
1 year ago

I will control everything you do and say
Your life will be owned by me I humilate blackmail degrade inflict pain and make you weak until you beg me to take control I will drain you for all you have you time and money will be devoted to me I come first and nothing else is before me. Succumb to your goddess and serve me well pigs
1 year ago

Heres to all you pathetic losers who wish they had my attention
I'm here to bring you to rhw point of complete submission under my control by any means necessary be prepared for humiliation torture pain suffering pleasure and the privelave of speaking to me so hmu and lets make you mine!
1 year ago

Don't be shy
You know who I am and what im about so don't be shy just now down and obey
1 year ago

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