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Hello, my name is Miss Megan
I'm a 21 year old Fem Domme from Kentucky.
I am currently looking for Males and Females to be my Financial slaves.
I love to taunt my slaves and give them tasks to do.
My tribute demands for my slaves vary from money deposits, to wishlist fulfillment, to paying my bills. It all depends on the slave.
I also give my slaves tasks to do throughout their daily routine. Every task I give you is an opportunity to please your new mistress so you better not take that for granted.
I love the opportunity to tell my slaves what to buy and how to use it. I enjoy the power.
That's what I thrive on. Knowing I control you and every ounce of your character, that I can tell you what I want you to do and knowing you will do it gets me power drunk.
The fact that I can tell you what to spend on and how to spend it, makes my clock tick because in essence, I control your whole mind body and soul.
I reward my slaves and I reward them well. When thoroughly pleased, I will send photos, videos, free cam sessions/phone sessions and even used clothing/socks/shoes.
You will get NOTHING until I see progress from you. Pleasing me should be the most important thing on your mind. Once I see progress you WILL be rewarded.


Fin Domme


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I am Megan4714 and new in Inez Forum
feel free to write me (Megan4714) here in the Inez Forum
1 year ago

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