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"Genuine kind of woman...with maybe a fucked up perspective on life....searching for a kind gentleman who can help me financially and we can help each other emotionally.. Looking for something strictly online. I laid it out on the table." (update)
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Sasha Williams (@SashaW709)

(Profile ID: #27379)
Indiana Girl In An Indiana Town · United States
I'm a 32 year old divorced mother of 2 beautiful children. I'm doing my very best to raise happy, kind hearted, well rounded, productive children. I try to enjoy life to the best of my ability with the time and resources that I do have. I am on this site for networking and business opportunities. I am not Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...ha. not that, if you catch my drift. I have no intentions of physically meeting anyone off of this will be strictly online, both people must come to a mutual understanding and agreement first.I 'm a woman who knows what she wants. I strive to be a hard worker in all areas of my life, this site is no different. You respect me, I respect you. I'm looking for opportunities to expand my financial aspect of my life and I am willing to work for that, depending in whether a gentleman and I were to possibly come to an agreement or arrangement. I value my time, just as much as you value yours. Let's keep this fun, friendly, and business oriented. I'm a woman if my word.

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Fat, Mature, Old Worthless Paypig..Needed Immediately.
Ok, you get fucks. Which one of you rich, Mature piggies want to purchase me a new fridge? My current one is shitting out on me.. Perfect timing...with 2 kids. I put a fridge on my Amazon Wishlist...don't worry, it's nothing too lavish...and I know you basic pigs could barely scrape up the money for it's a basic one, just like you. I can take a picture of my current one to show you the issues...but that is a waste of time, and I don't have the patience to do it. If you slobs, can't believe me on your own...then fuck off. On to the next one. Someone. Needs to fix this now. Prime it. Your reward.....will suffice. Trust me.
2 months ago

I need a new fridge, like yesterday.
My fucking fridge is broken and I have 2 kids who are out of school until May...ehich will honestly probably won't be going back this year considering all the chaos. I'm stressed to the max. The kids are driving me batshit crazy on top of working still. Can't make ends meet...always one thing, if not another. My damn fridge is crapping out on leaks water and i have to leave a damn pot on the shelf to catch the water...AND it freezes on top of it. I need help. Ugh.
2 months ago

I am Sasha Williams and new in Indiana Girl In An Indiana Town Forum
feel free to write me (Sasha Williams) here in the Indiana Girl In An Indiana Town Forum
2 months ago

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Indiana Girl In An Indiana Town USA
Buy Me A New Fridge. Now.

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