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"Stop with the Bullshit. I am very real but stop with the Bullshit. Be real and have CashApp only" @SexyTianna (update)

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Tianna (@SexyTianna)

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Toccoa Georgia · USA
23 years old, in a really fun relationship with another woman. I am bisexual, Dominant with men. i am Cuban and Native American Cherokee. I adore fashion and being unique with my look. Am seeking a male to use and abuse his wallet. Not going to waste time with idle chit chat. If you are a cash cow or a worthless piggy then prove it . I am not here to amuse you or serve you, it is quite the contrary , you are here to make my life more fun, that is all you are good for. Message me with respect and be unique in your approach as well. There simply are just way to many of you worthless piggys for me to just have to settle for the first one. So stand out and show me you truly know your place with me.
Have also just started with a website , so reach out to me at
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Scam artists, fakes and outright frauds and thieves, be careful ladies
These idiots on this list have either messaged me or others and are clearly just con men or dirty old peckers looking for a bit of fun at your expense. They claim to be sugar daddy, but tey are just ful of boloney. They want for you to give them your account information "bank" in order to deposit money into your account. Only think that will happen is you get screwed when they mess up your account. They use the excuse of being rich and having had money stolen when they used CashApp and other mobile deposits sites. They lost alot of money and now the bank will not allow them to use those methods. But its okay, trust them and give them your information so they can add you to their big company as an employee and begin sending you money every week. IT IS A SCAM LADIES! THEY WILL CAUSE HAVOK WITH YOUR ACCOUNT! DO NOT UNDER ANY CISCUMSTANCE GIVE THEM ACCESS TO YOUR INFORMATION. ANOTHER THING TO THINK ABOUT IS...IF THEY ARE SO LEGIT , WHY HAVE THEY GOTTEN NOWHERE WITH THEIR SEARCH? THEY HAVE BEEN ON THE SITE FOREVER AND STILL SEEKING! THEY ALSO ALL USE THE SAME EXCUSES. SO THEY ARE ALL THE SAME PERSON OR ITS A GROUP WORKING IN TANDEM. SO FAR THESE IDIOTS HAVE BEEN THE ONES TO MESSAGE ME OF OTHERS THAT I KNOW ON THIS SITE. Luke Scott Richard Bill David Alcantara Johnson A and Andrew Johnsom are same person Walker Scott Henry from the Virgin Islans Shaun from Hollywood California Randy @taylor3ddd Be careful ladies
1 month ago

I am Tianna and new in Toccoa Georgia Forum
feel free to write me (Tianna) here in the Toccoa Georgia Forum
2 months ago

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