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Medicine is a large terminology in the domain of Health sciences working with the life of the world but this science is now getting deranged by different class of professionals very rudely and nakedly and few authorities are supporting this trend. This system is based on a false or partially correct ground due to which they can’t combat with the ever-growing disease pillars. Now, the time appears to revolt against these system. Like the system of medicine another area of pride for India is her traditional Hindustani classical music but it is also degenerating gradually due to lack of upgradation and confinement. For these two purposes, we have encountered a person who is a jewel coming from a middle class educated Bengali family, Dr. Sinchan Das, the wonder boy of Music and Medicine. Dr. Sinchan Das, a 26 years old boy son of Mr. Harendra nath Das and Dr. Susmita Das from Kolkata, is a Homoeopathic physician, Health scientist, Music therapist and Indian classical vocalist at the same time. He is a person with extra ordinary intellect who had successfully solved many problems which were the big questions before these days, like how Homoeopathic medicines work? Why diseases are getting incurable in now a days? What is the ideal protocol of treatment? How thought can influence disease production? Etc. Dr. Sinchan Das had completed his schooling in some Bengali medium schools of the West Bengal then he went to take lesson of medical science at the Pratap Chandra Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital & College, one of the heritage medical institution of India. He feels interested from the very first day of his college life in the allied subjects which interest is carefully nourished by his few professors like Dr. B.B. Jana, Dr. G. Banerjee, Dr. Santanu Ghosh, Dr. N. Betal and few others. His profound knowledge, confident delivery of the answers, untouchable and wondering quality had successfully made him “World Health Science Championship Champion in the year 2017 in Macedonia. His revolutionary explanations is capable of spreading light over the long continued suffering of the living world. Dr. Das is an extra ordinary personality who believed on purity, equality, simplicity, divinity and loyalty. Along with this extreme level of perfectness in the field of Medicine he is a well-known Hindustani classical vocalist also working for the betterment of this pride of India. Before his initiation Classical music was commonly popular within the territory of class peoples or aristocrat people but he is taking that responsibility to popularize this gorgeous art within the mass and to popularize uncommon and rare raagas from the treasury of Indian Music. For this purpose he introduced a new style in the history of Indian Classical music, i.e. ‘Jhala’ of instrument in the vocal, named ‘Taantrikari’. Along with these he had explained therapeutic background of the raagas very efficiently. We are very fortunate that we have received this kind of jewel in our country.
1 year ago

Dr. Sinchan Das, youngest legendary health scientist, physician, educationist, musician and many more belonging from India. He had achieved the pillars of the medial science in this short lifetime. For his achievement in the World Championship of Health Science, The Bach Foundation will going to felicitate him with "Dr. Edward Bach Educational Excellence Award" on 17th April, 2017.
1 year ago

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