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Blockchain + tourism, the brand new industry reform is attacking
In this magical and transformative era, it is no exaggeration to say that if you fail to keep up with the situation, you may be ruthlessly abandoned. Because of this, at a time when emerging technologies emerge, many forward-looking visionaries will seize the opportunity first, hoping to catch the first bus to success and wealth. Although there were people still seriously dissing blockchain, the development trend of the blockchain is not affected at all, and it is changing our world in full swing. Based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology, FAF (First Assets Financial) is undergoing a drastic industry change! Today we are going to discuss the value and prospects of the FAF (First Assets Financial) together. As we all know, the industrial chain of the real estate and tourism industry is relatively long, and the upper, middle and lower reaches involve many minor details. And at present, there are many and complex chaos of pain points in the two major industries. Blockchain technology is characterized by decentralized, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, etc., which are naturally applicable to the transformation of the real estate and tourism industry. In the ecological world of real estate and tourism of FAF, from traveling to buying a house, from buying a house to selling a house, from eating and drinking to entertainment, from delicacy to shopping, from leisure and entertainment to residential accommodation, diversified functions are integrated, for all participants of real estate and tourism - whether it is Home buyer Or Traveler, it brings a brand new revolution. FAF (First Assets Financial) is a decentralized real estate and tourism service system based on blockchain technology. It links to global real estate and tourism service providers (enterprises or individuals) and consumers, based on the features of blockchain technology, which can be traced and can’t be tempered with. The interests and privacy of buyers and sellers in the industry are protected, and a transparent, credible, cheap, decentralized real estate and tourism ecological chain in the future. Decentralized service system to promote the reform and innovation of real estate and tourism industry The services in FAF include hotel reservations, ticket reservations, scenic spot reservations, car rental reservations, social sharing, house property reservations, real estate transactions, investment immigration, and resource sharing. They provide more than a dozen projects, such as North American study tours, overseas livability, purchase of real estate, chartered cars and self-driving travelling, etc., and provide intelligent and digital services based on various scenarios such as sightseeing tours, honeymoon weddings, and official business visits. FAF (First Assets Financial) adopts blockchain technology to directly enable visitors, home buyers and service providers to interact with each other, thereby eliminating reliance on intermediaries, resulting in higher quality products and lower prices, increasing supplier responsibility for products. Physical Assets are in accordance with token issuance, opening the door to a win-win era of investment FAF (First Assets Financial) is based on the landmark buildings of major international cities in the world. It combines the operation mode of AMC activated non-performing assets and Reits real estate securitization, we can obtain high-quality real estate effectively through financial leverage. And share the investment profits with the majority of customers holding FAF, and open the win-win model of cooperation between the two sides. FAF made continuously developed millions of customers as the main consumer, raising the value of real estate, creating market reputation, and effectively digesting the bubble by user payment, and shares the huge wealth generated by appreciation of the real estate with the investment of the FAF, truely implementing the business philosophy of what is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people. A new era of new choices, FAF (First Assets Financial) is worth having!
30 minutes ago

Wafcoin teaches you to invest rationally!
Investment itself is a game. The real meaning of investment is that investors improve their ability to use and control money, which is the ability to make money. Wafcoin reminds you that investment needs to be rational and rationality will be paid off! So for ordinary people, how can we make rational investment? First of all, consumption must be controlled and planned. For a limited income, consumption is spending money. In terms of consumption, it is suggested that investors should be restrained and adjust their expense to their income. Second, investment, we must understand the risks and benefits. Before investing, investors should understand that in addition to a small number of investments, investment always faces a choice of "dilemma". The traditional deposit has almost no risk and the return is low. Other investments, such as Internet financial management, have to bear certain risks, but sometimes the returns are very good. Therefore, when you invest, you must understand the risks and benefits. Third, investment is a "gambling". Don't fantasize about getting rich overnight. It can't be regarded as investment. It is more about speculation, or simply "gambling" .This mentality is not advisable. Fourth, reasonable collocation to diversify investment risks. Investment is risky, but the risks can be dealt with. To deal with this is to diversify the investment risks and reduce investment risks. That is often mentioned by the editor that eggs cannot all be put in one basket. Fifth, investment is a dynamic process. Generally speaking, we have corresponding investment programs and plans before investing. And investment is a dynamic process, meaning that for people who manage funds, the direction of investment may need to change in time. Finally, moderate investment, long-term persistence. Investment is essential, but not all, and moderation is important. You also need to reserve a certain amount of reserve funds, and emergency funds are used for emergency needs. In addition, investment needs to pay attention to the long-term, especially the investment with long investment cycle, which requires persistence and long-term investment. After talking about rational investment, let’s take a look at the good investment options right now. Recently, with the convening of the two sessions, the blockchain has once again become a hot spot of concern. At the same time, the sharp rise of platform token has also attracted everyone's attention. As the world's first dual-licensed trading platform, Wafcoin has attracted a large number of users with its characteristics of security, freedom, autonomy, efficiency and transparency. The platform token issued by it has also won the first place in this rise. As a platform token, WA survived the bear market strongly because of its strong value and advantages: optimized complex off-the-counter purchase, users can quickly and fast carry out trading operations; zero funds to enter the market, no capital risk to get profit and other advantages, avoiding many risks for users and stabilizing asset security; WA's global issuance will never increase, helping it to have a very high investment value. Secondly, in the future development of WA, the project team pays more attention to the multi-domain, multi-scenario and application of WA, which further enhances the investment value of WA. The platform has reached a deep strategic cooperation with Newbuy Mall, the world's first cross-border e-commerce provider that supports clearing and settlement. All the tokens that are circulating on WA and the platform can be consumed in the mall, which constantly stimulates and increases the value of WA. Rational investment, WA is your first choice!
2 hours ago

AtoX: How can there be no technical supporting in opening up the market?
Last year, the token assets continued to fall, and countless investors rushed out of the market, and the industry also ushered in a "bubble burst." But the bursting of the bubble just gave unlimited opportunities for people who are really concentrating on technology. In this year, a number of blockchain technologies flourished, and different solutions have emerged for the bottlenecks encountered by blockchain technology, and the progress of landing application cases has been reported from time to time. In 2019, the two sessions have been held. Compared with the previous strong supervision, which led to the trend of “ regard coin with dread ” and people’s negative perception of the blockchain, the two sessions in 2019 seem to have given more tolerance and recognition to the blockchain - large-scale Internet companies and traditional industry giants have deployed blockchain, the number of start-up landing applications has increased, investment and financing have become more rational; the scenarios in which blockchain technology can be used are becoming more and more clear, and the industrial layout is becoming more and more clear. Compared with traditional big-name enterprises, some startups and projects are moving more quickly and have achieved outstanding achievements in the technical field. AtoX is a value network created based on blockchain distributed ledger technology and is a representative project of blockchain 4.0 technology. It breaks through the chain expansion problem caused by the low performance of the traditional blockchain technology. Through the chain compression technology, the application construction can be realized more flexibly. The innovation of AtoX technology is highlighted in the following ten aspects: The history records can not be tampered with,in the traditional centralized architecture, records can be changed and deleted by administrators or hackers at will. In AtoX, changes to the database alone do not change the records on the blockchain network because all operational records for a table in the database are recorded on the blockchain network. The irrevocability of blockchain network transactions determines the inability to tamper with AtoX data. The data is flexible data and it can be recovered, as long as you start a blockchain network node, connect to the blockchain network, and configure the corresponding database, you can restore any table in the blockchain network, and the synchronous data can be specified to a certain point in time. Synchronize data to a block, skip a transaction to synchronize data, skip a block to synchronize data, and have strong flexibility in synchronization. Support multiple transaction modes, AtoX supports three transaction types in the application dimension: smart contract transactions, database operation transactions, and native transactions. In theory, smart contract transactions also support: database operation transactions and native transactions, thus providing the possibility for more complex business scenario needs. Private key separation technology, The sub-private key can separate from the primary private key of the account, and each sub-private key can also subdivide the ion private key down again. But whenever a new sub-private key is separated, the remaining sub-private keys are invalidated by default. The account status corresponding to each private key is the same. The primary private key holder can see all the sub-private keys and their status and bother to disable the private key. Strict mode, when operating in strict mode, the local transaction hash will be compared with the latest transaction hash of the network. If it is consistent, the operation will be performed; if the local hash is inconsistent with the latest hash of the network, an error will be reported and the operation cannot be performed. Chain compression, specify a point in time, the status of the point in time and the data after the point in time will remain on the blockchain, delete the previous data, to avoid the ever-increasing data occupying disk space. Audit, traces the specified entry and field in the database table, and records all database table operations that affect the specified entry and field Dump, save the operation log of a table on the blockchain to the local txt file in json format. Subscription, after subscribing to a table or a transaction, the operation log for the table or the transaction is sent to the subscriber as an event. Cross-chain, upload data from one or more AtoX blockchains to another AtoX blockchain for cross-chain transmission. In the premise of strong technical strength, AtoX’s landing application scenarios are also expanding. From the beginning of taking shape to becoming the focus of attention, then to the application scenarios and industry layout more and more clear. Under the approval and guidance of the policy, the research and development of the underlying technology of the blockchain, including the development of technologies such as consensus mechanism, scalability, and security, will gradually evolve and improve with the demand of the industry, and will inspire more innovative industrial application.
20 hours ago

The first step in investment in digital asset: you need to have a wallet like TarK
If you want to invest in digital assets in the blockchain industry, the first step is to have a digital wallet. Digital wallets are tools for storing and managing digital assets, and wallets integrate multiple applications such as digital asset trading and wealth management. For users involved in digital asset investment, having a good digital wallet can make your digital asset investment more effective. Before choosing a good digital wallet, you need to understand a few concepts: Wallet address: Similar to the bank card number, a person can have multiple bank cards. Similarly, he can have multiple wallet addresses. A wallet address can only correspond to one private key. Private key: A string of 64 characters in length. A wallet can only have one private key and cannot be modified. The holder of the private key is the holder of the digital asset: once the private key is safe, the asset is safe; if the private key is lost, and the asset is lost. As the highest level of confidentiality, the private key should be kept properly on physical equipment, such as copying it on paper, backing up multiple copies and storing it in a safe place. Never transfer the private key on the networked device to avoid interception by hackers. Backup mnemonic words: Since the private key is difficult to remember, the algorithm can be used to convert the private key into a series of words, which are backup mnemonic words. A backup mnemonic word is a beautiful private key that is essentially equivalent to a private key. Whoever has the backup mnemonic words has the right to use the wallet. In the era of digital economy, digital wallets are essential In the era of Internet, new payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay have impacted traditional cash transactions. In line with the development of the digital economy, the digital wallet that comes with blockchain technology will also impact the traditional asset management mode. The investment trading platform carries the trading function, while the wallet undertakes the storage function. It's like buying stocks on a stock exchange, but eventually transferring money to your account instead of keeping it on the exchange. Coupled with the frequent hacking of investment trading platforms, the bloody lesson makes everyone more inclined to put digital assets in their wallets. Nowadays, there are already digital wallets with more than storage functions in the market - TarK, a cross-chain wallet that combines storage, payment, transactions and other multi-functions, is hotly attacking! TarK wallet is safer - Tark wallet created the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model. It introduced the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function of Silicon Valley in the United States, which greatly reduces the safety factor of the risk of the user's token asset and escorts the user's token assets! In addition,When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the never-on-network mode. It builds transactions and signatures at the cold end, and broadcasts transactions at the hot end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eradicating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons. Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, Tark wallet strictly controls the payment and withdrawal operation, and the two password security management mechanisms of seed password + payment password prevent theft of assets and fraudulent use, encrypted storage, never touch the net, secure verification and delete after you use. TarK wallet is more versatile - eight functions,such as private key import function, mnemonic word backup function, multi-currency storage function, on-chain matching transaction function, secure transaction function, game lobby function, online live broadcast function and on-chain query function are all integrated together, Tark wallet to meet all the needs of users with one click! TarK wallet is with stronger user experience- the transaction results are promptly reminded, the asset is collected in one step; multi-platform market and consultation, wealth dividends come at hand; personal assets real-time query, assets in hand to take leave without delay ; multi language and currency support, global user linkage operation; QR code / NFC communication, covering the global mainstream payments. The existing advantages are enough for TarK to create its own world in the fierce competition. But there is no end to the road ahead, and TarK continues to explore, aiming to provide users with a more convenient, practical and secure digital wallet.
21 hours ago

FAF opens a new experience in global real estate and tourism!
Do you want to take advantage of the holiday to travel abroad? And you don’t know how to choose in the face of dazzling journey routes and playbooks. Do you want to buy enamored exotic property? But because of the market conditions and purchase procedures, it is difficult to start? Do you believe that these difficulties can be solved perfectly by blockchain technologies? FAF (First Assets Financial) is hotly attacking , so that exotic real estate and tourism is no longer a dream! In view of the high intermediaries commissions, the high credit of middlemen, the difficulty in distinguishing high-quality content, and the conflicts in the trading process in the real estate industry. Base on the fourth generation of blockchain technology and concepts, FAF (First Assets Financial) will establish a decentralized global real estate and tourism platform to create a more efficient, transparent, credible and self-driving real estate and tourism ecosystem. Although the features of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, are naturally suitable for improving the chaos of real estate tourism, the FAF (First Assets Financial) still has its own unique advantages: 1. Address the bilateral credit problems between the consumers and the tourism service providers The FAF platform uses the features of a blockchain information, such as that it cannot be tampered with, openness and transparency, and the support of smart contracts to create a new integrity mechanism. Any bad behavior will be recorded by the blockchain, forcing practitioners and related service providers to serve in good faith. A large number of deviations from the credit principle are addressed on the open and transparent blockchain, solving the bilateral credit problems between consumers and service providers. 2. Solve the problem of information asymmetry and information fraud FAF (First Assets Financial) solves the problem of information asymmetry and information fraud based on the features of blockchain that it can’t be tampered with and it is transparent. The feature that blockchain information cannot be duplicated multiple times maintains the uniqueness of information, and each node synchronously accepts and releases the information to ensure the security of the information. When a new trust mechanism is established, the black tourism and real estate intermediary platforms will no longer exist, and the incident of transaction of "bluff and deceive" will also be wiped out. 3. High degree of autonomy FAF (First Assets Financial) uses blockchain that based on consensus specifications and protocols (such as a set of open and transparent algorithms) to enable all nodes in the entire system to exchange data freely and securely in a trusted environment, making the trust in "people" changed into trust in the machine, any human intervention does not work. 4. Information reliability On the FAF platform, once the information is verified and added to the blockchain, it will be stored permanently. Unless it can control more than 51 nodes in the system at the same time, the modification of the database on a single node is invalid. As a result, data stability and reliability are extremely high, which is lacking in the traditional OTA. 5. Information security and assurance On the FAF platform, third parties can only see some information such as the time and quantity of transactions on the blockchain, but they cannot see the information of both parties to the transaction. Therefore, both parties to the transaction can trade with confidence without worrying about exposing any of their private information, which will solve the problem that the privacy of users in traditional OTA is not guaranteed. The services in FAF include hotel reservations, ticket reservations, scenic spot reservations, car rental reservations, social sharing, house property reservations, real estate transactions, investment immigration, and resource sharing. They provide more than a dozen projects, such as North American study tours, overseas livability, purchase of real estate, chartered cars and self-driving travelling, etc., and provide intelligent and digital services based on various scenarios such as sightseeing tours, honeymoon weddings, and official business visits. FAF (First Assets Financial) uses blockchain technology to can directly interact with tourists, buyers and service providers, thereby eliminating reliance on intermediaries, resulting in higher quality products and lower prices, increasing supplier's responsibility for products. In the ecological world of real estate and tourism of FAF, from traveling to buying a house, from buying a house to selling a house, from eating and drinking to entertainment, from delicacy to shopping, from leisure and entertainment to residential accommodation, diversified functions are integrated, for all participants of real estate and tourism - whether it is Home buyer Or Traveler, it brings a brand new revolution.
1 day ago

The market is about to boom, are you ready?
The token market has been chaotic for more than a year. During the year, the price of Bitcoin fell from 20,000 US dollars to less than 3,300 US dollars, from all eyes on you to falling from the altar. The major coins also fell its footsteps, fell and fell again. Recently, it has finally ushered in the spring season. After more than a year of cold winter, there was a little vitality. First, the platform coin started a sustained upward trend, and then the trend of other major mainstream coins also recovered sharply. The rise is still going on. Investors with quick of eye and deft of hand have already entered the market, and those who are still hesitating may be about to miss the opportunity. In this round of rising market, the performance of the platform token is remarkable. In particular, the platform token of the Wafcoin token trading platform. Registered in the Virgin Islands in 2018, wafcoin is the world's first dual-license trading platform. Its operations management center is headquartered in Australia and has independent operation teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India and other countries and regions. It is a professional token transaction service provider for the world. The generation of WA, based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, optimizes complex OTC purchases, allowing users to quickly and conveniently carry out trading operations; Enter with zero capital, get profit with no capital risk, etc., to avoid many risks for users, to stabilize the security of asset. WA's value advantage helps it become the preferred investment: the number of global issuance will never increase, and it will help it have a very high investment value; Wafcoin platform cooperates with cross-border e-commerce Newbuy to use WA to purchase goods to further increase the value of WA; The field expands into the housing industry, tourism, and accelerates the landing application of payment and other functions. From the overall layout and development trend of WA, it mainly includes three aspects: upgrading technology and consolidating its own advantages; providing users with high-quality services for practical reasons; expanding application landing scenarios and enhancing their own value. This is also why WA can get through the bear market and finally stand in front of the world as a winner. A new round of rise has already begun. I hope every investor can seize the opportunity and get what he wants.
1 day ago

Tark wallet breaks barriers of traditional cross-border shopping and achieves global worry-free shopping
It is reported that the industry's well-known blockchain cross-chain wallet Tark recently announced a deep strategic cooperation with the world's first cross-border e-commerce Newbuy Mall, which supports the token transaction. The tark wallet will be used as a designated payment tool for Newbuy Mall to provide online payment, settlement, asset storage, transfer and personal finance services for global shopping enthusiasts. It is expected that in March 2019, Tark will develop more applied ecosystems in Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and other places, and fully implement the Global Eco-City Program. Most of the current industries use blockchain technology as a base to build management systems and mall systems. Newbuy Mall is the world's first shopping mall to support the token transaction. Users do not need to use the legal currency for the whole process of shopping. They only need to pay with the token, which saves the transaction fee and saves time. And tark wallet to newbuy Mall is like Alipay to Taobao, mainly for payment and settlement. Moreover, the purchase behavior data of the user will be stored permanently on the data chain, the information will be open and transparent, and the information will be available on the blockchain. As part of the Global Eco-City program, Newbuy Cross-border Mall has introduced blockchain cross-chain technology and combined with Tark Wallet to break through the barriers of cross-border shopping, truly achieving information exchange and asset circulation, making it easy for users to achieve global worry-free shopping. Cross-border shopping is only the tip of the iceberg of the Tark app scenario. Tark wallet is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model developed and designed by National Stone Group. It achieves a major breakthrough in technology and fully reflects the spirit of blockchain in application. The wallet has two super features of anonymity and security, and with six major advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. It supports payment, storage and trading of multiple tokens. It also integrates games, communities, live broadcasting and other applications. It is a comprehensive blockchain platform system. About the essence of the blockchain: on one hand is technology, on the other hand is common evidence, on another hand is community, and the blockchain, currency and community are not separable. About the development of blockchain: The short-term is the underlying technology, the medium-term is the application scenario, and the long-term is the transformation of society. On how block chains transform society: short-term is the token and incentive, the medium term is currency and economy, the long-term is social and political, and it is democratisation. It can be seen that the blockchain technology has brought about the same changes as the Internet in the 1980s, and Tark, as the leader of this industry, will surely be able to set off another wave of storms. In the future, Tark will link more mall rights and scene rights, make full use of the “sleeping” shopping mall, create a digital shopping mall business ecological alliance, create a global settlement ecology, and finally realize the vision of digital banking,achieving multi-win for the industry, the enterprises and the consumers.
1 day ago

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