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Financial Support
I have been thinking and realized that I am willing to bet that many little's/ageplayer's are wanting someone to help with their expenses and overall financial situation. For example, assisting with making sure all the bills are paid on time, helping to get their debt under control or just learn how to save. I know many who get overwhelmed at how to handle their own finances and would love to have an experienced person guide them in the right way. How about going back to the good ol' days when you just had an allowance and now able to relax about if you have enough to pay rent or car note.
7 months ago

I am Teddy and new in Olrando Forum
feel free to write me (Teddy) here in the Olrando Forum
7 months ago

I am William Wallace and new in Olrando Forum
feel free to write me (William Wallace) here in the Olrando Forum
7 months ago

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