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not on here no more cant delete
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11 months ago

Gothic Greedy Queen
you need to be at my feet where you pathetic pigs belong! Worship, Pay, Obey this Gothic Queen! want to serve me? show me why i should let you! only your wallets make me happy!! I deserve all your hard earned cash because perfection must be served. Serving me is addictive, you won't be able to stop trying desperately to please me, but pleasing me is impossible. No amount of cash is ever enough for this Greedy Gothic Goddess. There is no going back once you fall into my trap, you will never want to escape the beautiful pain and the agonizing lust. I provide you with true purpose and the chance to give in to your calling as a financial slave like a good little puppet, you will provide for me the luxury and comfort i am accustomed to!
1 year ago

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