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Kuhlmann Electro- Heat A/S (@kuhlmannelectro)

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Odense NV · Denmark
Address: Kuhlmann Electro-Heat A/S, Tarupvej 51, DK-5210 Odense NV Denmark
Phone No: (+45) 6612 2325

The Story Behind the Famous and Successful Danish Company Named Kuhlmann Electro-Heat A/S.

Kuhlmann Electro Heat European office is based in Denmark but also based in Wisconsin USA and currently serves customers in over 20 countries. Kuhlmann Electro-Heat has since 1965 been producing electrical warming components to both the national and global mechanical segment.

At Kuhlmann Electro-Heat the fundamental claim to fame is plan and creation of drum warmers, holder radiators, and mechanical warming covers, where our numerous long stretches of experience make us advertise pioneers in surface warming with warming covers and warming of drums and compartments.

During our time of understanding, Kuhlmann Electro-Heat has increased special abilities in item advancement and are among a couple of Danish makers ready to offer altered answers for our own items to our clients.

The creation at Kuhlmann Electro-Heat is dependent upon consistent control and all materials utilized are picked with care - all to guarantee results of the highest caliber.

The workers at Kuhlmann Electro-Heat have numerous long stretches of understanding and top to bottom specialized information. In close correspondence with the clients, Kuhlmann Electro-Heat guarantees ideal arrangements. No activity is either excessively little or too large.

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat is consistently extending our item go in view of developing exchange with different frill in warming innovation.

When ordering drum heaters from Great Britain Kuhlmann Electro-Heat make sure to deliver as fast as possible at with low rates - at most times we can deliver to any address in the UK within 2-5 working days. Kuhlmann Electro-Heat ship worldwide with fast delivery and low rates - for more specific details about delivery times and prices to a specific country, please contact Kuhlmann Electro-Heat.

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