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You must go to work to earn lots of money, so I can take it, just like that.


You must go to work to earn lots of money, so I can take it, just like that. I want it, and you want me to have it. Living a lavish lifestyle, nothing but the best. Indulgence is my middle name. If I want it, I must have it. I don't need your money, You want me to have it. Building trust is important, no snitching to the wife here, that is not what this is about. I am a Classy Findomme, who loves the finer items in life. I love being spoilt, but most importantly I spoil myself. I have no tolerance for insubordination and disobedience. No mercy shall be given. My subs shall know their place and any attitude or rude comments, will not be tolerated. Is that anyway to talk to a Queen! Be willing to hand over control of your life, you will become powerless and all decisions must be made by me. Special one off requests are negotiable. We will not meet in person, be warned. Skype, Snapchat, Kik, etc will be used to communicate. Only those with the deepest of pockets, can ask very politely to make a request for an in person Findomme or humiliation appointment. I live a life of luxury and can fly anywhere in the world but you will want to tribute me more than you think to do this. You don't want your Queen touching her purse at all. Tributes are welcome anytime, to show appreciation, however for a place as temp or permanent sub with me, we will communicate first on what it is you are wanting or looking for. I will not be anyone I am not, not for any amount of money or for any person. No drama here, tears do not work on me. Mutual confidentiality assured. You want my attention? You want to give me your money because you want me to have it? Well only the truly appreciative and desperate slaves, that are willing to give what is needed for my time and attention, shall be considered. Yes, I am fussy, but I like what I like and everything else is non-existent.
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I am Miss Cleo and new in Auckland Forum
feel free to write me (Miss Cleo) here in the Auckland Forum
10 months ago

Unlimited access to your Queen
‪For unlimited access to photos and updates by ur Queen, go to https://m.connectpal.com/misscleo‬ ‪And join me you unworthy losers. pay ultimate tribute‬! Tribute hard, fast & often!! Only then may you receive a personalised acknowledgment
1 year ago

Join your Queen and pay the ultimate tribute
‪For unlimited access to photos and updates by ur Queen, go to https://m.connectpal.com/misscleo‬ ‪And join me you unworthy losers. pay ultimate tribute‬
1 year ago

Queen seeks desperate servant...
Worship and you shall be redeemed (briefly)! Want a complete mind fuck that will have you desperate for more... Pay Tribute... for ultimate torture mentally and sexually... Private Message me for tribute and chat instructions...
1 year ago

Bid on a date with me...
Here's your chance to meet Miss CLEO in person!! How about a charming first date? No sexual inuendos! Just a sexy mysterious women looking for a true gentleman to earn the right of a first date... Inbox me your auctionbids, highest bidder, will receive such a distinct privilege! Date will be in Las Vegas! You must spoil me with a new dress for the date... Do you think you could impress me...
1 year ago

My time ain't free, pay up piggies!!! Miss CLEO wants to see u beg for attention... #moderndaycleopatrawithtattoos
1 year ago

Miss Cleo is accepting new slaves...Vegas slaves needed
Piggie don't make me make you wipe your ass with your feelings...pussy bitch. Not impressed with your attempt, you are replaceable!! #paypig you degenerate human... who said you were allowed to speak! You're only allowed to live to pay Tribute to me... You have no purpose If any piggies are in Vegas, you may tribute in person in exchange for nothing...if you book a time and pay a deposit, you can empty your bank account at an ATM of my choice...Scum bag you dont own your money, I do, now give it all to me...The only thing you say right now is YES QUEEN and get your worthless ass in your car to give me all your money... If the tribute is enough to fetch my attention, you may be allowed to kiss my feet, once. Now do as you are told shit head... before I make you eat shit...
1 year ago

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