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Obey my Edicts.

The slave does nothing for himself but does all for its Owner.

The slave lives in squalor in order to commit itself fully to its Owner.

The slave is obedient and humble until death.

Now, kneel before me and serve your Queen.

You may call me Mx. Dominion, Miss Dominion, Queen, Owner, Empress, or Ma’am:
I am in charge. I am fierce with a outgoing personality. I can be as sweet as candy to my pets. I adore my kittens, puppies, sissies, femboys and traps who bring out my softer side.
But disobey me and I will punish you like the animal you are.

I am looking for permanent live-ins to keep and care for.

At 5’3” tall, I am a petite depraved Goddess overflowing with various needs and desires, therefore I require a harem to fulfill those needs. My stable will be called a garden, filled with a mixture of exotic flora. There will be the peonies; my femboys, traps and sissies who indulge me with pet play, one of my favorite kinks. When I am not enjoying my flowers myself, I will be watching my flowers fuck one another for my entertainment.

I am a voyeur and enjoy watching immensely.

To me, a Domme/slave relationship isn't about one person's needs being met but about both the Domme and the sub achieving mutual satisfaction and having a strong unbreakable connection with one another. I get off on your submission and the feeling that you are entrusting your care, your mental and physical well-being, to me. As a respectable Domme, I will fulfill your needs as well as mine. I will push you to your limits and mold you to be what I want, but it is a give and take relationship.

My kinks include:
Goddess worship,
Biting and scratching,
Spanking and corporal punishment,
Caning and flogging,
Being a Chastity keyholder,
Pet play and pony play,
Foot worship.

My hard limits are drugs, animals and children. I am open to everything else. Private or public play does not matter to me; I do both.

There will be blackthorns, my protectors who ward my flowers while I am away. Blackthorns will ideally be of bigger stature and stock. They will protect my garden from disgusting weeds who try to barge their way in and dare to try anything that is mine. Looking is ok, but no one touches what belongs to me, and I highly doubt i'll ever give fucking permission.

There will be lillies, cucks locked away watching everything as they are forced into chastity. They will see everything but never take part of the pleasure. Sometimes the lilies will be restrained to the bed while my pets and I enjoy ourselves on top of them, covering them in our essence while they are crying, begging for release.

There will be Hogweeds, painsluts who will satisfy my deep sadistic need to cause intense suffering and misery on another living creature and bring me immense pleasure from their suffering. These slaves may also be subjected to toilet slavery.

There will also be gardeners, servants who will do all the cooking and cleaning in the household. I will have a personal butler bathing me, brushing my teeth, maintaining my hair or rubbing on lotion. Whatever the need, the gardener will satisfy it. Some gardeners may be demoted to foot slaves, focusing solely on my feet through upkeep, with special emphasis on licking my feet while I drink wine and watch them worship in silence.

Since I live in a household full of debauchery, I make certain to keep clear of any diseases and ailments. I am tested regularly and require pets to do the same. Before there is any sexual contact, all household members must be tested with follow up tests every three months. Safety is very important to me and I run a very clean household. All members who are not interested in being intimate with anyone in the household will be locked away in chastity as a cuck, my lillies.

As mine, I will ensure that my pets are happy when serving me.

Come join my house of debauchery. I am interviewing candidates for different positions in my household.

I am currently in a poly household with [Miss Shontasia][https://fetlife.com/users/2445031]

Mx. Dominion also enjoys tribute, gifts and tithes just as much as any other Goddess would.

Amazon: Click [Here][https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3N2BW8NX8S1XR/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awwl_xs_z7E-Ab9JZ25M8]

Googlepay: [Here][Link Here]

circle pay: the dominionismymistress@gmail.com

venmo: the-dominion112

follow me on my other websites and buy my content.

I do custom requests for videos for $1.00 per min.
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none of your concern


Only the Privileged need to know this information Send all requests to my encrypted & private email account mxdominion@protonmail.com http://www.niteflirt.com/MissDominion http://twitter.com/thedominion112 http://www.hepays.com/thedominion http://www.seeking.com/…/2664e34f-839d-4cee-a707-ecc3b160c1… http://www.duno.com/user/thedominion112 http://members.whatsyourprice.com/~theempress112 http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/132291/mxdominionsclip http://www.pornhub.com/users/missdominion
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my updated amazon wishlist
5 months ago

Goddess feet
How do you show gratitude and devotion to Your Goddess’s size 7 US, (EU 37-38), (foot length 9.25 in/23.5 cm) feet? Tribute for new shoes, Tribute for upkeep, Tribute to show gratitude, Tribute because Your Goddess commands you google play / circle : thedominionismymistress@gmail.com venmo:the-dominion112
5 months ago

I will consume your thoughts and will shape you to be mine, you will disappear, cease to exist except to be my little worker drone.
5 months ago

Give me money
Send me $50 why? Because I say so. Send tributes to google play / circle : thedominionismymistress@gmail.com venmo:the-dominion112
5 months ago

Me and Miss Snow do meet and greets and sessions with potential subs/ slaves email me to set up an appointment with us thedominion112@gmail.com
5 months ago

be my bitch
Want to be my dog? Want to spend a day in my dog kennel?Meals and walks are included? It will cost $200 a day to play with me. message me for more information. thedominion112@gmail.com
5 months ago

My dark fantasy, want to make it real?
I want a sub/slave that I can drain so far into despair that they are living in the streets eating garbage while I am living it up in a Mansion. I want to go to fancy restaurants while they cry on a prepaid phone while I send them pictures of me enjoying myself to the fullest. I want them to be a fucking hobo because of me. To have their home foreclosed because they financed so many trips and gifts for me. I want ruin someone. I want their family to leave and they have nothing. I want to take their dog, their house, their wife, their children away from them until they are left with nothing and them they are no longer of use to me, the fucker will end it all. send your money here: googleplay: thedominionismymistress@gmail.com, venmo:the-dominion112 email me for more options to give me your money thedominionismymistress@gmail.com
5 months ago

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