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Silver Spring United States

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Obey my Edicts

The servant

Does nothing for himself but does all for his Goddess

The servant

Lives in squalor in order to commit yourself fully to your cause…me

Obedient and humble until death

The servant


The servant

Get on your knees and serve me bitch

You may call me Miss Dominion. I am a sadist, the more you suffer the better. I enjoy biting, scratching, slapping, spanking, kicking, caning, flogging, sissfication, degradation, corpal punishment, being a Chasity key holder, pet play, spitting and foot worship. Private or public play does not matter to me. My hard limits are animals and anything to do with children. I am open to everything else if that is what my sub/ slave enjoys.

My ultimate goal is to one day have one or two live in permanent pets in my household with my sister Domme. One of my pets will live in my closet and only be allowed to come out when they have to go to work or a am using them for my amusement. My other pet will live under my bed in a cage and only allowed to come out for work and for me to play with.

I like to be in charge, I'm fierce with a outgoing personality. I can be as sweet as candy or psychotically mean.

Until I find the perfect pet, i am looking for subs/slaves to fill certain roles.

trash bitch - I'll mail you my fucking trash

house bitch - my personal servant and you will be dresses as a little sissy slut including makeup, a wig, and heels, you will pay me hourly to clean my house.

Foot bitch - pays for pedicures, worships my feet as I see fit and buys my
shoes and I'll throw my used shoes your way occasionally.

Bottom bitch - You will whore yourself out to make me my money. You will charge to give hand jobs $20-$30 blow jobs $50-$100 anal sex $100-200 gangbangs $300-500. I will receive all profits from your hard work and you will tell me every filthy, dirty thing that you've done you fucking slut. Every time you make over you $100 quota for the week, your Goddess will give my special bitch a reward.

Nasty bitch- I will send you to the edge of depravity. I will have you doing things like making me videos of you eating your own cum and playing in your own shit while my period panties are on top on your head.

nasty bitches make dirty videos for my amusement, are very naughty eating their own cum and playing in their own shit and fucking themselves with whatever i tell them to.

Bitch of despair -What is your level of despair?
Bitches of despair comes in different types. Type one, you give your Goddess your money for food and i taunt you while you stare yourself living off what i tell you to buy in bulk until your next paycheck. All the while i will be dinning out contacting you daily on how well i am eating and enjoying myself at your expense. Type B, you Give your Goddess your money for your luxuries such as going out money and money for internet so you are forced to just work day after work including overtime like a drone while I enjoy myself at my pets expense. there is type c, a combination of type A and B and lastly Type D where you give me everything, your entire paycheck and you figure things out from that point on your own and try to pull yourself out of the financial hole you put yourself in just to please your Goddess. I like to mind fuck you, consume your thoughts and will shape you to be mine, you will disappear, cease to exist except to be my little worker drone.

Chastity bitch- lol... you will suffer

Toilet bitch- eat up bitch

sissy bitch -i'll make you my little doll

panty bitch -you will buy my used panties, stockings, socks and wear them.

Loser Bitch-your penis will be my play thing

Pain slut bitch-let's see how much you can take

My spit bitch- you'll swallow my spit and eat my left over food because
that's what you deserve

teeth cleaning bitch- come and brush and floss my teeth, you can keep the toothbrush, mouth wash, and used floss when we are done. hair fetish bitch - i give you the hair i shave/ cut off toilet clean up bitch - come ear out of my fucking toilet
session bitches- Bitches to do sessions with

If you are expecting to be castrated, amputated or permanently or your balls permanently maimed you will pay for it an expected to make a $10,000 deposit to go towards preparation.

For any sessions involving blood, you will be expected to bring a copy of your blood results before we play.

Contact your Goddess to play: thedominionismymistress@gmail.com

Your Goddess is also willing to give subs her nail clippings, worn out shoes, used panties, her special fetish wine, pantyhoes, fetish videos, her leftover food covered in her saliva and other used goods by the Goddess, make her an offer and see if she accepts and she shall mail you her goods.

For proper tributes Goddess is also willing to give subs her nail clippings, worn out shoes, used panties, her special fetish wine, pantyhoes, fetish videos, her leftover food covered in her saliva and other used goods by the Goddess, make her an offer and see if she accepts.

The Dominion does sessions with her sister Domme. Scroll down for more information on the double troble duo.


Double Trouble

Goddess Snow and The Dominion are waiting for you to realize how much you need them in your life. We are going to strip you of your dignity and wallet. You will writhe under our boots, happily working to turn all of your income over to us.

You will live only to serve us.

Follow us on Twitter
Goddess Snow @xmilkywhitex
The Dominion @thedominion112

Goddess Snow has over seven years in the BDSM scene playing various roles. Financial domination, pet play, whipping/king/flogging, forced feminization, feederism, CBT, wax play, and orgasm denial are some of her favorite things. Snow is a sensual Domme, expecting absolute obedience from her subs. Do you desire to lay at her feet and be her "good boy" or "good girl"?

Standing at 5'11", 220 lbs, wearing size 10 shoes. Snow has the perfect hourglass figure. Don't let that sweet face fool you! This Goddess can crush a watermelon between her perfectly thick thighs.

The Dominion has been in the BDSM scene for two years now. While she may still be learning the ropes, she is naturally sadistic. If you crave pain, she is the woman for you! She enjoys corporal punishment, medical play, CBT, degradation, denial of basic needs, orgasm denial, financial domination, sissification, and public humiliation.

This woman is the definition of perfectly petite. The Dominion is 5'2", 170lbs, and struts around in 6 1/2 size heels. Do you like breasts? Sneak a peek at her 34DDD chest as she spits on you while crushing your pathetic dick under her heels.

you can reach me at my email thedominionismymistress@gmail.com/ xmilkywhitex on skype/ kik
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none of your concern


Only the Privileged need to know this information
Forum Posts (post now)
Goddess feet
How do you show gratitude and devotion to Your Goddess’s size 7 US, (EU 37-38), (foot length 9.25 in/23.5 cm) feet? Tribute for new shoes, Tribute for upkeep, Tribute to show gratitude, Tribute because Your Goddess commands you google play / circle : thedominionismymistress@gmail.com venmo:the-dominion112
1 week ago

I will consume your thoughts and will shape you to be mine, you will disappear, cease to exist except to be my little worker drone.
1 week ago

Give me money
Send me $50 why? Because I say so. Send tributes to google play / circle : thedominionismymistress@gmail.com venmo:the-dominion112
1 week ago

Me and Miss Snow do meet and greets and sessions with potential subs/ slaves email me to set up an appointment with us thedominion112@gmail.com
1 week ago

be my bitch
Want to be my dog? Want to spend a day in my dog kennel?Meals and walks are included? It will cost $200 a day to play with me. message me for more information. thedominion112@gmail.com
1 week ago

My dark fantasy, want to make it real?
I want a sub/slave that I can drain so far into despair that they are living in the streets eating garbage while I am living it up in a Mansion. I want to go to fancy restaurants while they cry on a prepaid phone while I send them pictures of me enjoying myself to the fullest. I want them to be a fucking hobo because of me. To have their home foreclosed because they financed so many trips and gifts for me. I want ruin someone. I want their family to leave and they have nothing. I want to take their dog, their house, their wife, their children away from them until they are left with nothing and them they are no longer of use to me, the fucker will end it all. send your money here: googleplay: thedominionismymistress@gmail.com, venmo:the-dominion112 email me for more options to give me your money thedominionismymistress@gmail.com
1 week ago

Double trouble, follow the Gothic Goddesses on twitter
Goddess Snow @xmilkywhitex The Dominion @thedominion112
1 week ago

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