William Gilbert Lightner

Marietta, Georgia United States

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Let me tell you one interesting thing about William Gilbert Lightner, now he always carries four bottles in his car for the puppies who he sees on the road in harsh conditions. The saddest thing about the place where he lives is that nobody looks after these dogs.



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William Gilbert Lightner : Inspiring domestic animal lover
At that time William Gilbert Lightner decided to do something for them. He believes that because of hot climate in the city most of the dogs, cats, and other animals are facing the same problem and find it hard to live on because they have no one who cares for them or looks after them. For more info visit https://twitter.com/williamgilbertu
8 months ago

William Gilbert Lightner
William Gilbert Lightner is a kind-hearted person and loves cooking. Playing golf and Football is his most precious time with his friends. He is even committed to a magnificent woman, who he treasures a considerable measure and regularly goes out for supper. For more info visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuuGwpDrMDo
8 months ago

Mary Ann Benigno
Mary Ann Benigno believes that it will require lots of time and effort to organize such a huge event. But luckily she is organizing this event and it will be also supported by community of local residents. But the most important thing for this event is all the classic cars and Mary has no classic cars, so Mary Ann Benigno went to many classic car owners. They were excited listening to it and after knowing about this event, they happily decided to give their car for the cause. For more about info visit https://www.discogs.com/lists/Mary-Ann-Benigno/391951 https://desk.zoho.com/portal/xyzallsolutionsupport/kb/articles/mary-ann-benigno-a-beautiful-woman-with-a-purpose-to-help-the-needy
10 months ago

I am William Gilbert Lightner and new in Marietta, Georgia Forum
feel free to write me (William Gilbert Lightner) here in the Marietta, Georgia Forum
10 months ago

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Marietta, Georgia

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