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will soon activate gold membership

2 years ago by Daniel Eder
in duno
owner duno.com and spiritual teacher/healer · Prague · Czech Republic
Spiritual teacher: www.danieleder.com
i have to prepare the credit card processing for it :-)
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Post News
duno now has nested comments
try it out for yourself in this thread or another in Munich
more google traffic
if you want more google traffic start posting on duno more and more visitors are coming from search engines like google and bing to duno.com in Prague
duno is now an exclusive community which can only be accessed if you have credit
due to the high amount of spam i didn't work on duno.com for some time. now i decided to make duno.com an exclusive community get gold membership to be able to post. If you cannot afford it write in our https://www.facebook.com/groups/1660951687463050/ facebook group to get $5.00 free credit if you qualify in Prague
new feature: subscriptions show when something is new :-)
in the header you can see your subscriptions to various forums. when something is new it will show +1 or +2 etc. depending how many new entries there are for that forum. once you click on the forum it updates and resets it to zero. in Munich
Duno.com community starting to get active
Thats a good start. Many new features coming soon. in Munich
update: only people with positive karma can downvote now
since some people downvoted others which didn't have positive karma i decided that only people with positive karma can downvote now in Munich
duno fix: empty titles or descriptions
you cannot make posts anymore with empty titles or descriptions :-) in Munich
more and more traffic from google
good news.. we are receiving more and more traffic from google unfortunately, i didnt have that much time to work on duno but i will start again :-) in Munich
comment voting soon
will introduce comment voting soon on answers :-) in Prague
everyone wishing a 5 dollar free credit on duno
if you want a 5 dollar free credit just reply to this post.. i will give it out in Prague
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start a new category
make a post today in a new category that you create :-) in Prague
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merry christmas
merry christmas to all duno members... make sure to post something today on duno in Prague
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Help me delete my account
I need to know how to delete my account in Halifax
happy new year 2017
happy new year to all duno.com members. duno and hepays is growing so quickly i am super happy.. thx to you guys. will soon post an android app for duno.com to download in Prague
New to this
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SSL now activated on Duno.com
all content is now encrypted between your browser and the server in Prague
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you can now post to local
just make a normal post like you always do and then keep the checkbutton "post to local" clicked :-) thats it when you click (local) in the header you can then see all local posts in Prague
Is this site a scam?
Finish your profile by signing into Facebook. This Duno site is a scam people. in
This is my first post! Interesting site. :) in Murfreesboro
most returning visitors on duno for 2016
we just had the most amount of returning visitors today since introduction of the new duno.com social news :-) in Prague
launch forum auctions soon on duno
auctions within forums.. very good idea ;-) in Munich
white space fix
solved the white space fix on duno in title with $cat = preg_replace('/\s+/', ' ',$cat); in Prague
first version of updated algorithm online
updated duno.com voting algorithm now :-) in Prague
will soon activate gold membership
i have to prepare the credit card processing for it :-) in Prague
share your story on social media to get to the top
when you share your duno.com story on social media you get pushed to the top on the front page :-) in Prague
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duno update: main replies to posts work now with AJAX
main replies to posts work now with AJAX/JQUERY so the page doesn't need to reload to reply. ;-) in Munich
duno.es now belongs to us :-)
good news :-) just registered www.duno.es it will be the spanish version of www.duno.com it will link to the same website just serve spanish content. unfortunately, duno.pt for portuguese is gone already but i am not looking to expand unless i can establish the spanish speaking market first. the spanish speaking market is over 500 million users so enough opportunity to grow :-D in Munich
new feature: voting is life now on duno.com
you can vote now on posts from the front page. votes from gold and VIP members count multiple. likes count more than dislikes. :-) the voting system will evolve over time :-) in Munich
working on the duno voting system
so one can upvote and downvote and report spam also :-) i will need to whole day on this maybe even tommorrow :-D in Munich
new feature: autosubscribe to forum
you are now auto-subscribed to the forum you are posting to. in Munich

duno.com is a forum to discuss anything about will soon activate gold membership & i have to prepare the credit card processing for it :-). Join in the discussion today

"Welcome to Duno.com" Daniel Eder
We try to become the largest social network for in the world.
Keep posting new content about will soon activate gold membership every day to help us reach this goal :-)

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